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Champions Club

We want fans like you!

The Jaguars are once again recruiting a limited number of special fans for a very special mission. We are forming the next Champions Club comprised of fans committed to helping the Jaguars remain competitive, and to ensure the long-term success of Jacksonville as an NFL community.

Members of the Champions Club will have an opportunity to work directly with the Jaguars staff by helping develop the Jaguars fan base by assisting in ticket renewals, sales and club promotion. They also provide key support to the Jaguars Fan Services department during critical times of the year.

Champions Club members serve the Jaguars in a hands-on volunteer capacity that has a direct impact on the success of the team.

By becoming a Jaguars Champion, you will not only be contributing to the success of the team, but will also be helping sustain the long-term growth of the NFL in Jacksonville.

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