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GM David Caldwell Twitter Takeover

Posted Aug 1, 2013

Jaguars GM David Caldwell took over @Jaguars to answer fan questions during today's training camp practice.

Here’s an archive of the Twitter Takeover that took place earlier today with our General Manager David Caldwell. Fans submitted their questions using the hashtag #AskTheGM, and David answered the questions live from the practice field. In addition to all the latest Jaguars headlines, be sure to follow our official Twitter handle (@Jaguars) to know when the next Twitter Takeover will take place.

GM David Caldwell officially has our @jaguars handle. Send In your questions via #AskTheGM. #Jaguars #StandUnited pic.twitter.com/5E5VuiKC65

Like improvement of all 90 guys RT @outofeight: @jaguars Which player has improved the most since OTAs? #AskTheGM

Defensive line RT @Rell_83: #AskTheGm hey DC, which position do you anticipate having the most depth

Yes. Protecting QB is paramount RT @ALanguageUnique: @jaguars #AskTheGM Do you believe the RT position is becoming more important in tNFL?

Chill Will RT @GonzoGabe: Dave, what player did you sign to DJ these practices? @jaguars #AskTheGM. #Jaguars #StandUnited

Finding a houseRT @TheImpact99: Mr Caldwell, what has been the biggest transition going from Atlanta, GA to Jacksonville, FL? #AskTheGM

2 great places to live RT @TheImpact99: Mr Caldwell, what has been the biggest transition going from Atlanta to Jacksonville, FL? #AskTheGM

No RT @dooger2: Any chance you will change your mind about those awful new helmets and go back to something less embarrassing? #askthegm

See how schedule shakes out RT @Jacob__Doyle: @jaguars Do you plan on attending a Fulham soccer match in London? #AskTheGM

Sweetwater RT @gooner_: @jaguars #AsktheGM favorite craft beer?

Im just doing my job RT @HankJoness: How much do you like the nickname "The General" #AskTheGM

Genuine nature RT @Randysmith904: @jaguars #AskTheGM what's your favorite thing about Coach Bradley?

Boar's head turkey from @publixRT @therealzache: What is you favorite type of sandwich? Also, even if he's released? #AskTheGM #Jaguars #NFL

Starting now RT @mcmullenforus: @jaguars How long after the 2013 Draft do you start preparing for the 2014 Draft? #AskTheGM

Young playmakers RT @cbuck11185: What position group are you most excited about? #AskTheGM

Havent even noticed him which is a great thing RT @therealzache: How pleased are you with Joeckel's progress so far?! #AskTheGM

Only focus is getting better today RT @iktriad: @Jaguars Do you think the #jaguars have a realistic shot to ... http://tmi.me/13Q00h 

Zach Brown RT @OnGuardJax: @Jaguars Dave, who's your favorite band? #AskTheGM

7 5/8RT @theMCwale: What size fitted cap do you wear? Asking for BCB. #AskTheGM @Jaguars

Very competitive RT @j_durkin: @jaguars hey Mr. Caldwell, how do you feel about the QB situation? #askthegm

Get better each day RT @BASEDGRIFFEYJR: What's the teams main focus this year besides winning @jaguars #asktheGM

Expect the unexpected with our roster RT @StayCrued: @jaguars #AsktheGM How the LBs doing? Should we expect additions there?

Thought Shad did a great job RT @MattyF21: @jaguars what is your opinion on the new uniforms? #AskTheGM #StandUnited #Jaguars

Never satisfied RT @iktriad: @Jaguars So far everything turned out since you planned in January with the team (re)building? #AskTheGM

We will find out Sat. Better bring A game RT @JaxFoodCritic: @jaguars Hey Dave, are you team @KevinPeffer for the new PA? #AskTheGM

Rocky RT @Rell_83: #AskTheGm serious question here: Rocky or Rambo? :-l

Expect the unexpected RT @hendricks_derek: @jaguars what can we expect from denard Robinson this year? #AskTheGM

Awesome support RT @jags_brick: @jaguars what do you think of what the Bold City Brigade has done this year? #AsktheGM

Gotta run but the fans in Jax have exceeded my expectations. The support has been incredible for our staff and players. #Jaguars #AskTheGM

David Caldwell said he will do this (for) fans each Monday during the season after a home sellout. Will review the previous game. http://tmi.me/13Q2vR 


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