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10 second take on the AFC South

The 2013 NFL season is almost within touching distance with Week 1 kicking off on Sky Sports on Thursday night. So let's continue our whistle-stop tour around the league on

Today's 10-second take focuses on the AFC South – a division that was much more competitive than people first expected in 2012 and one that produced a pair of playoff teams in Houston and Indianapolis.

As previously mentioned, the brief for this particular feature was to write down the first thing that comes to mind when I think of each team and don't over-think it!

Houston Texans

This is a quality team from top to bottom and one capable of winning another 12 regular season games. They have talented players on both sides of the ball and genuine game-changers in Arian Foster, Andre Johnson and J.J. Watt. So why do I have real trouble seeing this team in the Super Bowl? I think I just don't trust Matt Schaub enough and their offense stagnated at the worst time of the year last term.

Indianapolis Colts

The rest of the NFL will be more prepared for the Colts in 2013 and they won't be riding the emotional wave that carried them so far in 2012. But I still see this team being a genuine playoff contender. I expect Andrew Luck to push himself even harder this year and to show improvement and his young weapons are exciting. The defense should improve. The Colts may not see every close game go their way in 2013, but they are in the playoff mix, for me.

Jacksonville Jaguars

Picture the scene. The rusty sign above the door of the grimy-looking bar reads 'Last Chance Saloon.' Tim Tebow is nursing a drink at the corner of the bar, Rex Ryan is complaining loudly about "being misunderstood" to anyone who will listen and in walks a tall, good-looking and picture-perfect quarterback, Blaine Gabbert. It's time for this young man to produce or he is done. Gus Bradley will get the Jags playing harder and they will improve on their two-win total, but they're not a playoff team just yet.

Tennessee Titans

Chris Johnson remains an explosive running back and the young receivers have some promise, but I just cannot see the Titans scoring enough points to be a contender this year. Jake Locker has been shaky at quarterback for the past two seasons and has not exactly rocked the NFL world over the summer. The Titans did work hard to improve their offensive line but the quarterback has to play his part in upgrading an attack that ranked 27th in the NFL a year ago.

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