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10 things to Do around the ISG


  1. Become a VIP – The NFL wants all fans to feel like VIPs so this year download your free NFL Fan Pass and you'll be given more access, more chances to win great prizes and exclusive giveaways at Regent Street and during the International Series Games.
  1. Be a wide receiver – Do you think you have what it takes to complete a play by Blake Bortles? Then head down to NFL on Regent Street where the Jaguars have an inflatable wide receiver game that fires passes at you at the speed of an NFL quarterback.
  1. Wear your support – The Jaguars will be giving away loads of team wristbands at Regent Street. So tap in using your free NFL Fan Pass and you'll be able to show your allegiance among the thousands of NFL supporters for free.
  1. Enhance the special relationship – At the Union Jax Fan Night we will be welcoming all the US fans who are making the long trip across the pond to support the Jaguars at their home away from home. Why not buy our weary travellers a well-earned beer?
  1. Get a selfie with a cheerleader – The ROAR of the Jaguars will also be making an appearance at the Union Jax Fan Night. What better chance than to leave all your friends jealous than with a personal selfie with the girls.
  1. Pig out – The arrival of the NFL back into town brings more than just a game of football. Head to the tailgate party and get stuck into huge hamburgers, perfect pulled pork, scrumptious shrimp and marvellous Mac n' Cheese. Worry about the waistband later!
  1. Predict Jaxson de Ville's entrance – Our esteemed mascot Jaxson de Ville always has a trick up his sleeve when it comes to game day. Whether it is rappelling into the stadium or streaking you can rely on Jaxson to surprise everyone in attendance when he makes his appearance at this year's game.
  1. Kit yourself out – You won't get a better chance to pick up rare Jaguars merchandise than when they are in the country. At the very least make sure you have your new Jaguars jersey. Teal is the new black after all.
  1. High five your favourite player – Some lucky fans through the NFL Fan Pass will win the chance to watch from the side-line, get access to the locker room or even a trip to EverBank Field. However, for everyone else head to Wembley Stadium on Saturday 8th November to be part of 'Inside the NFL' and see your favourite Jags players up close and personal.
  1. ROAR TOGETHER! – Let's not forget the pièce de résistance of why the Jaguars are here in the first place. There is a game to worry about. Let it all go and scream at the top of your lungs with tens of thousands of US and UK Jaguars fans at Wembley Stadium to lead them to victory over the Dallas Cowboys. All together now…Duvaaal!
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