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A.J. Bouye - Saturday, August 18, 2018

Q: Good week up here in Minnesota against a very good football team. What is your assessment of this week?

A: It was fun this week. We got better and played against a good group up here, especially against wide receivers. We made a lot of plays and it showed today. We finished the game well and that shows you the type of young guys we have on the back end.

Q: I imagine penalties are going to be a topic this week. Your play in particular. Does that show you how difficult this new rule can be?

A: Yeah, it is very difficult. I was talking to the referee and he said it is a tough thing to call or not call. When a running back is coming at me and you're bigger than me, as a defensive back you try to go low. If anything, it should offset when both players go low against each other.

Q: Are you guys checking boxes and completing your goals to this point?

A: Yeah, most definitely. Our coach gives us goals every day, but we are so locked in and focused as a unit that we are always trying to get better and get each other better.