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A.J. Bouye - Sunday, September 16, 2018

(On how much this win means for the team) "It means a lot but at the same time it's only Week 2, we have 14 more games and it's a long season. We have a tough team next week. They just won a game today so we know we have to get ready to prepare tomorrow and go over corrections to get ready."

(On the message today's win sends to the NFL) "We're here and we're not letting up. It's that simple. We're looking forward to next week against a great team."

(On what he personally will take away from today's game) "Technique-wise watching film and spending time with my daughter first because my family is in town. She leaves tomorrow so I've got to spend time with her, but besides that I'm going to stay focused and see what we did wrong as a team and how they attacked us."

(On if he feels today's game was a statement game) "So the funny thing is I don't like to watch the NFL Network especially before a game so we had a lot of time and I was spending time with my daughter and my dad decides to put the TV on. Steve Mariucci said something like Tom Brady had the highest completion percentage and then he said he's going to break it today so I took a picture and sent it to the DBs so we took it personally."