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A statement from Jaguars Owner Shad Khan

"It was an unspeakable and cowardly act by the player.  The punishment he received from his team and the league will never be enough to compensate for the action or erase it from our memory.  The emotions we've all experienced from this are high and lasting, and the scrutiny and criticism at times has been understandable.  But, I have always had great faith in Commissioner Goodell.  I applaud his decision to have this matter investigated by an independent party, and I know the process will be seen through objectively and with great integrity.  As a league, we want and will accept nothing less, and I am sure Commissioner Goodell feels the same.  Until we learn more from the investigation, it's important now that we measure our thoughts and train our energy on doing whatever it takes – sending whatever message necessary – to eliminate domestic violence.  We have the opportunity and obligation to lead by example."

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