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1)      Being a kicker and invariably one of the smallest members of the team how do you react to being the bunt of locker room humour?

Actually, I am the one making the jokes about others. Nobody puts baby in a corner.

2)      Ever thought you could handle the punting duties too?

Easily. I was "honorable mention" All-District in high school.

3)      What do you think the longest kick you can possible make is?

210 feet.

4)      What did you buy with your first pay check?

Golf clubs. And a large wallet.

5)      Do you have the same process/routine for every kick you take?

Yes. Step 1: Kick the ball. Step 2: don't miss.

6)      When you miss a kick do you replay it in your mind or just forget about and prepare for the next one?

I examine what went wrong, correct it, then forget about it.

7)      How much of the Play Book do you have to learn?

I have no idea what a "playbook" is.

8)      With the draft of Menelik Watson and Lawrence Okoye, how do you think the NFL will react to English players coming into the American game?

The biggest difference will be the accents.

The next Ask a Jag will be defensive tackle Sen'Derrick Marks. So if you have any questions to ask him, now is your chance!

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