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Ask Kirk, part two


Veteran linebacker Kirk Morrison fills in for Vic and answers the fans' questions in part two of this two part special feature.

JC from Jacksonville

What is the one thing in California that you wish was here in Jacksonville?

Kirk: I would say one thing would have to be Roscoe's Chicken' N Waffles, Hawaiian barbeque and also that Cali breeze.

Frank from Jacksonville

How do you think the typical Raiders fan would judge your tenure there? Do you think the Jaguars defensive scheme plays more or less to your strengths in Oakland's and why?

Kirk: I think one thing that Raider fans can see, and the proof is in writing, is that I played every single game as a Raider. Hurt, sore, tired, I gave everything that I had. That's one thing that I feel like is my legacy as a Raider. People understand and know that about me. Here in Jacksonville, it's going to be a better fit in the sense that I'm able to do a lot more. At Oakland we played a style of defense that I got accustomed to over the last five years, but here in Jacksonville they expect me to do a lot more and they want me to do more.

Kuljit from Sacramento, CA

I know you were a Raiders fan when you were growing up, but did playing for that team and continually losing change the way you feel about the Raiders organization? Also once you decide to hang up the pads and call it quits will you continue to support the Raider Nation?

Kirk: I'm always going to be a Raiders fan at heart. It was my hometown team growing up and I definitely still pull for the Raiders as a team. I've got a lot of friends on that team, and my family is still Raiders fans. At the same time, when you're playing for them in the organization you hate losing. I know everybody hates losing. I know for myself it just didn't feel right. It didn't sit well with me. I still wish them all the best.

Greg from Kansas City, MO

What do you think of Tyson Alualu?

Kirk: Tyson is a good football player. I'm excited to have him. I'm excited to see him work. He's a young guy with a high motor. The best thing about him is he wasn't a high profile draft pick, or what people call a sexy pick. He's just a guy that's going to come in and work. You probably won't see the numbers in the statistics, but what he does for this defense is going to make us a lot better. If you're a true football fan and know the game of football, you'll see how important and how big he's going to be in this defense.

Billy from Jacksonville

I've seen your highlights, and I like what I see. Are you guys on defense allowed to give some input on what would make you play better as a group and individually, or are you just forced to play within a system? Are you comfortable with the defensive scheme of things here?

Kirk: Pretty much everybody plays to their strengths and weaknesses. Coaches evaluate what players can do and what they can't do. We work well as a team defensively. We know that we can make certain calls or can't make certain calls. At the same time, we can offer our suggestions to make the defense a lot better. That's one thing with the coaching staff and players, we have that communication. We all want to be on the same page. When you're on the same page, that's when you're able to go out and accomplish great things on defense.

Nick from Decorah, IA

What band/genre of music do you listen to, to get pumped up on game day? Is Justin Durant as cold blooded as he looks?

Kirk: My genre of music on Sundays can vary from rap, hip-hop, to gospel, to a little rock. I've got a little bit of everything on my iPod. As far as Justin Durant, Justin is one of the coolest guys I've met on this team. He's a funny guy, chill, and laid back. You can definitely tell (and you know this about certain guys) that when they come between those lines they turn that switch. Sometimes we just turn into a cold blooded killer on the field, but off the field we turn that persona off.

Danny from Los Angeles, CA

Of the four players from San Diego State on the Jaguars roster right now, three of them are linebackers. How is it that a smaller school is able to produce that kind of talent?

Kirk: It's all about coaching. Our defensive coordinator is actually the assistant defensive backs coach right here with the Jags in Thom Kaumeyer who had a great scheme for us. We actually have other linebackers in the NFL too that were on the same roster in college. The biggest thing was our linebacker coach, Andy Buh, who was the defensive coordinator at Stanford and now the defensive coordinator at Nevada. He got us ready to play every single week. He's probably the biggest and main reason that all of us are in the NFL, and have had successful careers so far.

William from Jacksonville

Thanks for filling in for Vic while he is away! With all the talk about ticket sales in Jacksonville, do the players talk about it at all?

Kirk: We talk a lot about it because it's on us. We've got to make sure we have a good product out on the football field so that the fans can come out and be proud and be a part of it. Guys do talk about it in the locker room saying we've got to go out there and play hard or we've got to go out there and do our part in the community. We want everybody to embrace the Jaguars football team, and understand that on Sundays it's not just a party for us as players but it's a party for the whole community, the fan base, everybody. The more people that come out and are a part of this, the better.

Parks from Port Orange

Will your dad or other family be attending any of your games this season?

Kirk: Yeah, they are going to be attending some games. Some of them will still be going to Raiders games because they are still Raider fans, but they are Jacksonville Jaguars fans now too. If they're not at my games they'll be watching NFL Sunday Ticket on Sundays.

James from Jacksonville

Which NFL linebacker (past or present) do you most remind yourself of?

Kirk: I wouldn't say remind myself of, but guys who I look at and watch their game like Hardy Nickerson who's a former Jaguar, Ray Lewis, Mike Singletary. Those are guys that I look at for inspiration because they played this game for a long time. I definitely want to model my game after those guys.

Keith from Jacksonville

We're excited about seeing you play here this year and hope you have a great season. How far away are the Jaguars from fixing their defensive woes from last year?

Kirk: We're not far away. One thing about us is this is a young defense; young, fast, energetic, and guys that want to get to the football. We've got some playmakers. I think when you have all of those things combined it's going to be fun on Sundays.

Austin from Groveland

What is your maximum bench press? And how comfortable are you with being the leader of the Jaguars defense in the middle?

Kirk: I don't really max bench press at all. My thing is all about endurance training, being able to do something over and over again. If I could do a max once it would be great, but in the NFL it's all about endurance and repeating it over and over again. The most I've ever done in my career was 475 lbs. I feel comfortable in leading this defense because I've been the middle linebacker for the Oakland Raiders for the last five years. One thing I want fans to know is that I'm going to be out there every single game, giving everything I've got. I'm not really a vocal guy. I'm more of a guy that leads by example. A guy that you know no matter what he is going to be there night and day.

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