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Ask the Coach, part two


Join special guest Jack Del Rio as he tackles the fans' tough questions. Nathan from Jacksonville: I loved your fire when you played and I'm glad you're our coach. I want to see JDR vs. Eben Britton in this year's Oklahoma drills. Show our young guys how it's done.

Del Rio: (Laughing) I could only play that one in my mind. There won't be Coach Del Rio suiting up for Oklahoma drills, I can assure you of that.Alex from Council Bluffs, Iowa: What goes through your mind when you come to a fourth and one situation? It always looks like you effortlessly decide to go for it. Is the decision as easy as it looks?

Del Rio: I always loved math growing up. When you look at the probabilities it becomes a no-brainer if you have the guts to do it. Vignu from Jefferson, WI: Coach, I know Vic was a member of the media but what was your relationship like with him?

Del Rio: It grew over the years. The more I became aware of his knowledge and some of the stories that he could tell the more I became a fan and eventually a friend. I thought he did a great job of bringing the game of football to the fans and bringing some perspective.Jimmy from Jacksonville: Will Aaron Kampman go back to being our best defensive end? At the start of last year I thought he was our best defensive player.

Del Rio: That's the idea. I know that in today's NFL people are able to overcome injuries much more successfully now than they ever have. Part of being able to come back is the effort and desire you have to put forth rehabbing. I think everybody that has been around Aaron understands his commitment and dedication. If anybody can come back and regain their form, Aaron can.Nick from Virginia Beach, Va.: What position do you believe needs to be addressed the most in the offseason?

Del Rio: We need to continue to build. Despite the perception, we have really been an achieving team the last two years. We have established a strong foundation and we need to build on that.Gerald from Charlotte, NC: It appears passing teams are winning more and more championships. Is the NFL becoming a pass-first league?

Del Rio: There are a lot of different ways to win. Certainly successful organizations often provide a model that others will attempt to follow. It's always important for each team to do the things that it can to maximize and utilize their personnel to the very best of their abilities. Tonga from Inglewood, Calif.: How was it being Randy Johnson's catcher in college?

Del Rio: I still feel the pain in my left index finger from catching his fastball.Jordan from Charlotte, NC: What type of wide receiver can Jarett Dillard be if he can stay healthy?

Del Rio: He's been an exciting young player when we've had him on the field. My hope is that we can have him for a full year and really begin to develop his talent.Mike from Philadelphia, PA: Coach, I loved your energy as a player laying the wood. What was your greatest Chuck Bednarik-like hit as a player?

Del Rio: I had a facemask-bender against the Packers when I was with the Vikings. That was probably my best hit. I don't remember the player. I kept the facemask.Donald from Palm Coast: Is there any chance of getting the Falcons to Jacksonville this year for combined practices since we went there last year?

Del Rio: Yes, we're working on it. Chadwin from Oak Ridge, Tenn.: You have two dynamic players in the backfield in Maurice Jones-Drew and Greg Jones. It seems these players embody how football is supposed to be played. How do you balance their heart and dedication to the team against their overall health and well-being?

Del Rio: What we seek to do is have our guys play as hard as they can for as long as they can and trust God to deal with the rest.Tim from Orlando: What is your best memory so far from your time with the Jaguars?

Del Rio: I would have to say the win (9-0) over the Steelers in 2006. They were the defending Super Bowl champs in our building. It was the combination of how our fans responded to the Steelers coming to town and the way our football team performed on the field. Most people would think the playoff win over the Steelers would be first I would put two other games ahead of it. I would put the annihilation of the Titans (37-7, 2006) also up there then the mauling of the Colts (44-17, 2006). Those are probably the top three, and then the playoff victory fourth.Joe from Pontypridd, Wales, UK: How would you feel if the Jaguars were to play an international game in London? Would you see it as an unwanted distraction or more of an opportunity to do something new?

Del Rio: As Vic always said and I agree with him, 'Coaches coach and players play.' Well, in this case, 'Owners own.' Wherever they schedule the game we will play it.

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