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Bears Tight End Jimmy Graham: Sunday, December 27, 2020

(On what sparked the third-quarter explosion) "I think we were super focused on scoring right out of the half. We talked about it, we put emphasis on having a great drive to start the half to get that momentum in our way, and we ended up doing it. It's an attribute to [Mitchell] Trubisky and to our O-Line, to our tight ends and receivers for really buying and believing in each other. I think that's what really sparked it, and then the defense got after it and it was a fun second half, that's for sure."

(On what it says about the entire team to get the game turned around after halftime) "I think everybody knows some of our lulls early, especially in the third. You've got to give credit where credit's due. This coaching staff has done everything they can to get us in the right place, the right mindset to kind of make up for those things and those stumbles that we've had before. Coming out of the half, that's a big one. Coming out of the half, starting the game off, we've got to give it to our head coach, our O-Line coach, my tight end coach. Everybody just bought in. Everybody believes in each other. We know if we do defer to begin the game that we've got to come out in the second half ready, no matter what happens in the first half."

(On how he would assess Mitchell Trubisky's play) "I think he's grown a lot. He's been through a lot, and it shows his character, it shows his character as a man, his strength as far as between his ears. That's not easy, what he went through early – even with the shoulder – I don't think that's talked a lot about, his bravery, what he's played through and for his team to put us in this position one game away, it's special. I think it goes and shows who he is as a man, who he is as a player, and it's special to see his growth. Just in the time I've been here through this year, it's pretty special, it really is."

(On what does it mean to be one win away from the playoffs to the team and to him) "It's a big deal. We've been in the playoffs for three weeks now, I think that's been our mentality is a playoff mentality. Each one of these games has been a playoff game for us. This one's no different. I'm not going to dwell on myself in any selfish way. We needed this one, simple as that. It's a playoff game, just like the last three were. We're excited to be in this position to be going up against such a rival, obviously, and it's all here for us. I love these moments. I've been built for these moments, so I'm excited."

(On what it means to have eight touchdowns this season at age 34) "Especially not having an offseason, that was a big concern of mine. Coming to a new offense, a new team, not having the ability to have those moments with your quarterbacks, and to learn the offense over Zoom – I had a big concern about that, honestly. For it to be my first year here and to have that trust by our coaching staff and by the quarterbacks. It's special, it's nice and to be able to make those plays and make those moments. I just do it for them. I'm just trying to win games and continue to play in January because I believe that's where I belong – in January. I'm excited to be in this position right now, and I'm blessed to have been a part of this and to have been a part of such a good story, especially after that tough stretch we had."

(On if he thinks Aaron Rodgers would still play if the Packers lock up the no. 1 seed tonight) "I don't know. That's not on me to speculate. I know Aaron's a competitor, he competes on all levels and obviously being a conference game, it's always going to mean something to him. They're going to put their best leg forward, but if they clinch, who knows? We'll see, but I know the kind of competitor he is and I know he's going to want to be out there. I know a lot of those guys are going to want to be out there because I was on the other side. I understand the mentality, I understand what they're – kind of the rivalry between the Bears and the Packers – it's the most historic, so I would count on him playing, honestly."