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Beasley could be big news today


On this day a year ago, the Jaguars were involved in panic negotiations with quarterback Mark Brunell that would get the team under the salary cap by the four p.m. deadline. Today, the big news is the expected release of veteran cornerback Aaron Beasley. If that occurs, the Jaguars will be about $300,000 under the NFL's $71.101 million 2002 salary cap at today's four p.m. deadline.

By releasing Beasley today, the Jaguars would avoid a $750,000 roster bonus due Beasley tomorrow. Even though $1.25 million of his salary is guaranteed, the Jaguars would realize an $800,000 cap savings by releasing Beasley.

Guard Zach Wiegert is due a $500,000 roster bonus tomorrow, and indications are the Jaguars will make good on that payment and retain Wiegert on their roster.

Veteran wide receiver Keenan McCardell has also been rumored to be a potential cap "casualty" today, but indications are McCardell will be released by the Jaguars after June 1, which would increase the cap savings McCardell would offer the Jaguars in '02.

Kevin Hardy's and Renaldo Wynn's Jaguars contracts expired yesterday, the combination of which presented the Jaguars with about $15 million of '02 cap savings.

Meanwhile, the Jaguars are expected to make "low tender" offers to restricted free agents Stacey Mack and Jason Craft today. Those tenders give the Jaguars right of first refusal on any free agent contract offer Mack or Craft would receive. The Jaguars can retain those players by matching any offer they receive. If Mack and Craft receive no offers, the Jaguars would have to pay them $563,000 each in '02.

Bonuses are also due Jimmy Smith and Marcus Stroud tomorrow. Smith will receive a $450,000 roster bonus, and Stroud will receive $3.128 million as the final installment of his $5.128 million signing bonus.

Sean Dawkins, Jonathan Quinn, Todd Fordham, John Wade, Jeff Smith, Mike Hollis and Jeff Posey are scheduled to become unrestricted free agents tomorrow.

The Jaguars are expected to announce today's personnel moves this afternoon. will update this story as information is made available.

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