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Behind the bench with Vickie Harris


Vickie Harris, the lovely wife of James Harris (V.P. of Player Personnel) was born October 28 in Chicago, Illinois, to Edgar and Adella Bond. Vickie Lynn, nicknamed Ms. Vickie while growing up, was the middle child, falling in between sisters Cheryl and Stacey. Throughout her school years, Vickie enjoyed going to basketball games and track meets, but also really liked just spending time at home with her family. No matter how nice it was growing up, though, she always dreamed of becoming an adult and being able to drive!! (Typical kid!!!)

After graduating from high school, Vickie headed east and attended the State University of New York. She's a SUNY girl! When asked about any interesting experiences while there, she claimed that just attending college was the most interesting thing to her. She graduated with her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. Then, at the ripe age of 23, Vickie, packed up her things and left Chicago for Los Angeles. She was all by herself, learning her independence. To date, that is Vickie's most memorable accomplishment along with walking across the stage to receive her college degree.

Now, on to the romance. One evening in LA, while having dinner with her mother, a gentleman came over to their table. He was out with a group of his friends and asked Mrs. Bond if he could introduce his friend to her daughter. Lucky for that friend, Mrs. Bond said yes and as they say, the rest is history. That evening was 21 years ago!!

Since getting married, Vickie has traveled to many other places, including another trip to New York, to Baltimore and now here in Jacksonville. Her favorite place to live would be the big city of Manhattan, but for now she is getting used to Florida's two seasons, football and hurricane. Being here is what Vickie considers one of the craziest things she's ever done, mainly because she's not a bug-friendly individual AT ALL. She still can't believe that she's living here among all the different critters, snakes, alligators and, Palmetto bugs! One day she dreams of traveling to Paris since she's never been before. But for now, the critters in Jacksonville will have to do. Vickie's other dreams and goals have been, she says, and are still being accomplished throughout her everyday life. In her free time she enjoys spending time with her family and friends, exercising, traveling, reading a good book and taping her favorite soap operas.

Vickie says that the best things about the NFL are being tremendously proud of her husband's accomplishments and watching them be recognized by others. It has also been great meeting new friends and then meeting up with past friends again, on different teams and in different cities. The worst part about the NFL is being away from family and long-time friends. Vickie knows that being a wife in the NFL can sometimes be a tough job. Her advice to other wives is this.... Support your husband. Keep family close at heart. Stay grounded. Be secure within yourself. Have your own identity. Do the things that make you happy.

Enough said.

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