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Best games of all-time

Join Jaguars Inside Report Senior Editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Ryan from Atlanta, GA:
In your opinion, what kind of draft pick or picks would the Jags get if they traded Brunell? Drew Bledsoe landed a first-round pick for the Patriots. Do you think Brunell would fetch the same?

Vic: Clearly, Mark Brunell would not return as much now as he would've a couple of years ago. And the market could be flooded with quarterbacks this offseason. The Steelers will want to trade Kordell Stewart. What are the Browns going to do with Tim Couch? Charlie Batch will be an unrestricted free agent, etc. The Tommy Maddox and Kelly Holcomb stories, and others like them, are making it more difficult to get top trade compensation for high-cap quarterbacks. I doubt Brunell could return a first-round pick.

Pete from Jacksonville:
With Rex Grossman entering the NFL draft, what are the possible chances the Jaguars could take him in the first or second round? What about drafting a wide receiver in Taylor Jacobs?

Vic: They would both have to be considered prospects.

Mark from Fremont, NE:
This Sunday's playoff games were two very good games. I was wondering what you think is the best game ever played in the NFL.

Vic: I think the significance of the 1958 NFL title game and the drama of the "Ice Bowl" make them instant finalists for the distinction of "Greatest Game Ever Played." The Christmas Day, 1971 playoff game between Miami and Kansas City, which became the longest game ever played, is also a solid candidate. Of course, we all have our personal favorites.

Cooper from Jacksonville:
It seems you always have a bias toward Mark Brunell. Well, he sucks. I don't think he threw for a first down all year. And you can't blame this on his receivers, because it's not his fault the receivers have the ball thrown at them when they haven't run past the first-down marker. Don't you agree Brunell is the worst player to ever touch a football?

Vic: No.

Trevor from Tampa, FL:
I have been a Jaguars fan since day one. I may only be 12 but I still know a lot about sports. I'm young and don't have a lot of patience, so my question is: When are we going to win? Is it going to take a new coach or new players?

Vic: I like your style.

Sharon from Port Charlotte, FL:
When a penalty is called for too many men in the huddle, why is that? Why isn't the whole offense or defense allowed in the huddle?

Vic: Because it would be an attempt to deceive.

David from Gainesville, FL:
What is the NFL's salary cap per team for 2003? Also, could you give a recap on what the cap has been for the last five years to show the trend? Finally, do you know how much room the Jags have, or are expected to have for 2003?

Vic: The projected salary cap for 2003 is $73.9 million. The Jaguars have about $5 million in '03 cap room. The last five salary caps have been $52.3 million in 1998, $57.2 million in '99, $62.1 million in 2000, $67.4 million in '01 and $71.1 million in '02.

Mike from Jacksonville:
Why do the Steelers only have their logo on one side of the helmet (the right side)?

Vic: It's a long story, but the punch line is they ran out. That's the truth.

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