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Blake Bortles - Sunday, September 16, 2018

(On how this win feels) "Good. I think everybody kind of hyped the game up more than we felt or at least made it more of what it actually was. It was our home opener, Week 2, so I guess besides that it wasn't really anything else. We expected to come out and play good and win the football game. We thought that if we played the way we practiced all week, executed the game plan and didn't hurt ourselves or do anything stupid we'd be doing what we are doing now."

(On the aggressive game plan) "I thought (Offensive Coordinator) Nathaniel (Hackett) did a really good job calling plays and obviously did a good job during the week putting the plan together with the coaches. I thought it was called incredibly well and executed at a high level. We had a penalty here and there but besides that I thought we played within ourselves and did a good job just moving the chains and making plays."

(On if he's ever played a better game) "I don't know. I think anytime you win it is a good game. It's a good football team obviously so to beat them is a good win. I try to do whatever I can to make sure we can win, if it's throwing for 300 yards or getting us in the right run game checks or whatever it might be. It was definitely good for the most part today."

(On being calm after the win) "What, do you expect me to change?"

(On him running on third down) "We have a rule on third down. You can do whatever you want to get the first down. I tried to run him over and get the first down and it didn't work out. We had a play dialed up for fourth down and have them jump off sides. The second one, that guy was a bit bigger so I figured I'd spin off of him."

(On WR Keelan Cole and WR Dede Westbrook's growth) "It's been cool to watch them grow kind of on a day-to-day basis. They continue to learn more and more. They continue to get better and better. Obviously by what they did today I thought it was pretty awesome and incredible. It makes my job easy just kind of getting them the ball and letting them do what they do after."

(On if this is what the offense has been building towards) "Yeah. The first half this week and the first half last week were pretty similar, about the same outside of a couple penalties we had last week. We did this week what we couldn't do last week as far as continuing to do the same thing second half. I think that was the emphasis this week. We have a really good defense but they also have an offense that is going to score points so we need to find a way to get a couple touchdowns in the second half and not just go stagnant and count on our defense."

(On if the team is just playing better together) "I think being in the system for another year helps. Everybody being in Nathaniel's system and feeling comfortable with that. I think when we are focused and locked in and go through a good week of preparation like we expect to every week. As long as we don't hurt ourselves, have stupid penalties or turn the ball over we have a chance to win every game."

(On beating Patriots QB Tom Brady) "I never really looked at it like that as far as beating Tom Brady. I don't play against him. We play against their defense and he plays against ours. It will for sure be cool, he's a no doubt Hall of Famer and to say that on this day we beat Tom Brady."

(On WR Keelan Cole's catch) "He had one last year at home. He does stuff like that all the time in practice and kind of just showing off. He's got unbelievable abilities so to watch him go out there, have fun and make plays like that is pretty special."

(On what Keelan Cole's catch did for the momentum) "It was huge. That was a big catch. To get that and keep those chains moving was big. He is a guy we have grown to expect stuff like that from. That's the type of player he is and the guy we have in him. Him and Dede Westbrook and Dante Moncrief, when they are rolling they are hard to stop."

(On the temperature) "I don't know if you ever get used to it or accustomed to it. It is always hot. I think you just know what to expect and what is going to come with it. The ball is going to be soaked, everybody is going to be sweating and slippery. We are used to it. This is what we do all the time so it is definitely an advantage for us as far as understanding how it is going to go."

(On the offensive line) "It was huge. Josh (Wells) has got good experience and good game time experience. He stepped up big for us in years previously and obviously sucks to lose Cam (Robinson). He's a good player and gets better each and every week. It isn't good to have him go down but Josh is more than capable of stepping in and not having to have us change anything or protect him. He's definitely a good player and can handle his own."