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Blake Bortles - Wednesday, December 26, 2018

(On if it feels good to be starting again) "As a football player it feels good anytime you can play football. They let you play and I know I enjoy the hell out of coming to work every day and practice with these guys. This is our last week, our last opportunity to play a game together. No one knows what is going to happen next year. I think most importantly just enjoying this. It is not the year or season everyone expected or wished to happen, but we get one more opportunity and we are going to make the best of it."

(On if he likes the role of playing spoiler) "We get a chance to play a divisional rival that is playing to clinch the division. They are going to be as fired up as they can be and ready to go. We are going to have to match it and give them everything we got. Spoiler – even if it was the last game of the year and both teams had five wins, I know for us I would hope the passion, the enthusiasm to play and win the football game is the same."

(On when Coach Marrone informed him he would be starting) "Today. I went to practice and got the reps, so I figured I was playing. Excited about the opportunity. One more game to play with these guys."

(On if it was tough to resist the urge to think about his future when he was not starting) "Yeah, definitely. I think the toughest part about it is you have no idea. It is not like anyone tells me anything or talks to my agent and tells him what they are going to do with me. It is unknown and I would imagine most people that go through situations like this or anything close to it – there is just a lot of unknown. Obviously, I am here right now and I have one more chance, one more opportunity to play this week and finish this year out and then they are in control of what happens for me next. Whatever happens I will be ready."

(On if he has a preference of where he plays next year) "I signed a contract here for three years, so I have every reason and purpose in my mind to play here for that amount of time or until they let me go and I will figure that out."

(On if the last month gave him a different perspective of the game) "Definitely. I think you see it from a different perspective watching the game from the sidelines. Being there for Cody. You see it not from the quarterback's eyes, but through a spectator on the sidelines, more like watching tape than actually playing the game. It definitely was a positive as far as a mindset of how to view it. You try as much as you can to try to continue to prepare as if you were going to play because you never know what is going to happen."

(On working with Scott Milanovich now that he is calling plays) "Everything he has done since he has taken over I think has been really good. He has put some good stuff in. I thought he did a good job with Cody and working with Cody on what he likes and the whole time we were talking, heaven forbid if anything were to ever happen to Cody that it wouldn't be a start from scratch type of deal. We would have the chemistry going already."

(On being able to spoil the end of Houston's regular season) "I think regardless of what is on the line, I think anytime you get a chance to play Houston in Houston, it's a big game. With the guys they have and obviously not playing well against them earlier this year, we are going to be fired up and looking to win a ball game."

(On how challenged the offensive line is due to injuries) "It's pretty incredible. I don't know if there has ever been a team that was on their fourth left tackle and fourth right tackle. I think A.J. [Cann] is the only starter still playing. Those guys – I talked about it a bit after the game on Sunday – we have plugged guys into different places. Patrick [Omameh] bounces out to right tackle and plays on Sunday, which is something he doesn't do at his position. He does everything he can to try and block. He didn't have an easy task against [Cameron] Wake and [Robert] Quinn and [Andre] Branch and those guys. He did everything he could, so to watch those guys continue to fight out of position and guys that haven't played a whole lot and guys that are just playing for the first time, they play as hard as they can play. It's obviously not ideal. We have had a ton of injuries and some bad situations, but guys have stepped up and played as hard as they can."

(On if he has to speed up the clock in his head of when to throw because of the offensive line being injured) "Yes. We have a good plan intact. You have to have [a plan] every time you play Houston with the guys they have up front and what they are able to do. Even if you're healthy upfront, you have to plan for that. It's kind of just an extension of that with some different guys in there playing that haven't necessary played a lot of ball and haven't played the Texans and these guys up front. We will have some stuff, but you definitely have to be, as a quarterback, aware of how long you are holding the ball into the pocket."

(On where he feels the Jaguars will be to start in the 2019 season) "I think outside of … Injuries are a thing. You can say it's an excuse or whatever. But it's realistic. We had guys that should be playing that got hurt and aren't playing anymore. I think it's tough to argue that we wouldn't be better without those guys out on the field. That's why they were starting and were paid and all of that. That's a realistic part of it. Earlier in the year, this year wasn't so different than last year. We caught some breaks and some bounces. We were able to do some stuff last year, we had some stuff go our way and this year, it didn't happen. We didn't catch those breaks, we didn't get those bounces and we didn't help ourselves out. I think it wasn't so much a huge difference from this year to last year, I think it was pretty small and minute. Things just didn't go our way. I have no idea what is going to happen next year."

(On if he thinks the team doesn't need to do a rebuild) "I think everything you need to be a successful team and win a Super Bowl in this league is in that locker room. Obviously with the coaching changes made, there is some stuff there to figure out, which is up to them. I think everything you need to be successful in this league is in this locker room, so it feels like we are a lot closer to being good than we are having to rebuild."