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Blake Bortles - Wednesday, November 21, 2018

(On what stands out about what the Bills like to do) "They have a good package. They have some good stuff on third downs as far as moving people around in different packages and some versatile guys. They have two good safeties that bounce around and kind of mess with you. We're going to have to be sharp as far as picking things up because they can bring it from everywhere. We are going to have to be good in protection and getting all that ID'd – protect it up and get the balls in our guys hands and let them go make plays down the field."

(On the decision not to throw to Donte Moncrief on the slant in the third quarter) "Yeah, I should have thrown it. I think any game you watch since the start of football – there are throws that a quarterback probably wishes he could have thrown and didn't throw. [We] could have had an opportunity to have a big play, so it is one of those where I have to pull the trigger and throw it."

(On if he didn't throw it because of the safety over top of Moncrief) "Yes, that was the reason I didn't throw it. We kind of knew that he was playing inside, coming down weak and playing inside to get in there and involved in the run game. I got scooped out of it and got off of it. I should have gave it a chance."

(On what he remembers about the last game the team played at Buffalo) "I remember it was cold – not as cold as it could have been I guess. Just having an opportunity and not finishing, not closing it out. That's definitely something that we are working to change as far as the way this season has gone so far. There are some opportunities that we feel like we kind of let go – being able to close games out, finish games and find ways to win."

(On what the message from Doug Marrone has been) "You have six more opportunities to go win. I think we had a good meeting this morning. We had a chance to meet with some coaches offensively and just being grateful for the opportunity that we have for these six games, for these six more weeks to spend with this team and go try and capture each one of these opportunities and find a way to win ball games. We have to get back on track and find ways to do that and get back to winning football games regardless of how we do it or what the score is. Our job is to win a football game, and we have to find a way how."

(On if the offensive coaches have a different message than Doug Marrone) "Well it was just us in the offensive meeting."

(On what kind of receiver Jalen Ramsey would be) "I have no idea. I know he's obviously got incredible ball skills and an ability to make plays that not a lot of other people do. I'm sure if he put a little time and work into it, it wouldn't take long for him to be pretty good."

(On what stands out about his TD pass to Ben Koyack in last season's playoff game) "It was kind of something we'd been saving for that situation. I think we ran it a time or two prior to that play and kind of had it set up. Ben did a good job selling it and kind of waiting and being patient. The guy that had him man triggered, kind of came after the run and it was open in the back."

(On if that play call spoke to the confidence level in him) "Yes. We called one before and didn't get in. During the week, we would get down there in the situations after we run it a couple times and see how they're going to play it. We thought we could get a chance to steal a touchdown."

(On being matched up with the Bills in the playoffs in 2017 and now both teams being 3-7) "I think it's the beast of the NFL and how things go. Anybody can beat anybody on any given Sunday. Seeing the Super Bowl champs [the Eagles] not have the start that the Super Bowl champ would want, I think it just speaks to different things and how many variables there are that go into the season and things not going your way and stuff like that. Anything can happen."

(On if he could see upper management bring everyone back next year and trying to contend again for the Super Bowl with a similar roster) "I have no idea. Obviously, we know what happened last year. I know the feeling coming into this season was really good and high expectations. Even at the start of the year like you talked about, having some key guys go down, a good amount of them on the offensive side of the ball kind of changes things. You have to find a way. That's going to happen. You're going to lose guys, you're going to have guys get hurt. You have to be able to have guys that can plug in and play and continue to find ways to win football games. We have struggled doing that. I have no idea what they are thinking or what they are going to do. I know we have six more chances to try and persuade them one way or another."

(On how much the two running backs look with Leonard Fournette and Corey Grant would have been used if both were healthy all season) "I think it would have been huge. Corey is a huge weapon. Everyone knows how good Leonard is and what he brings to the table. I think people have seen glimpses of what Corey can do last year in the postseason and then the beginning of this year before he got hurt. I think he definitely would have added another dimension to the things we could have done offensively."

(On if this adversity is different or more of the same) "To me, it's all the same. There are problems and challenges and you either have to find a way to overcome them or you don't, and you live with the consequences one way or the other. I think this is a challenge for me. I think for everybody individually and for us as a team and a unit. I have all the confidence in the world that we can fight through this thing together and come out on the other side."