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Blake Bortles - Wednesday, November 7, 2018

(On his shoulder) "Good. It feels good. I am ready to go. Better than ever."

(On details of his shoulder injury) "Just banged up. No different than anyone else getting a nick or a bruise. It is part of playing an NFL football season. It is going to happen at some point. I don't think there is anyone playing that feels 100 percent healthy and is totally good to go. Everyone is dealing with and handling something that they have going on and trying to make sure they are good and their body is ready to go Sunday."

(On if the bye week was beneficial for the team) "Yeah, I think so. I think we had some good meetings on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday that honed everything in and got everyone thinking the right way and together on the thought process going into that break and then obviously, like you said, the break, giving guys some time off to go recover and reload and get ready to go in the second half of the season and get rolling."

(On what stands out the most to him about the offensive struggles in October) "I think it is a combination of things. I don't think by any means is it one position group or one specific reason why. The turnovers, not being able to run the ball a number of different ways, having mental errors. It has been on all of us as a group. The walkthrough we just had was probably the best walkthrough we have had all year long as far as guys paying attention to their assignment, technique and the attention to detail. That was good to see. I think when you play like that for multiple games in a row, something has to change. You have to have a change in attitude, a change of a mindset and figure it out and try different things to get it fixed and get it rolling."

(On if there was a lack of attention to detail in previous walkthroughs) "No. That is how we did walkthroughs all last year and we were fine and last year. I don't know. If I knew or anyone knew, we would have fixed it in a heartbeat. For whatever reason, things weren't going the way we wanted them to, and we weren't playing the way we wanted to, and we were messing up. We were making mistakes that we don't make during the week that we shouldn't be making, and we weren't playing at a level as an offense that we believe we can play at on a consistent basis. In order to get back to where we want to be the attention to detail and the heightened alertness of what we are doing in a walkthrough becomes more important."

(On Leonard Fournette being back providing a mental lift for the offense) "Yeah, definitely. He is our guy, and he has been out for seven weeks now or whatever it has been. I know everyone is fired up to have him back in the lineup. I know I am excited to watch him run. I know guys are excited to block for him and see him go. We got so used to him doing his thing last year and watching that and being able to do everything off of that, so not having him has made us change some of the things we do. To be able to have him back healthy and ready to go is exciting."

(On if he is excited to see Fournette and Carlos Hyde play together) "Yeah, definitely. We have three really good running backs in those two and T.J.[Yeldon]. I am sure there will be a plan. The coaches will have something in order in how to get those guys in there and get them touches and all that. I am more than happy handing it or throwing it to any of the three."

(On how differently teams have been playing against them compared to last year) "The obvious stuff. There are less guys in the box. Maybe teams feel as though they don't have to pressure or don't have to put as many guys up there in order to stop our run. It has changed the dynamics of the stuff that we go against on a weekly basis. We will obviously find out, but you have no idea what Indy is going to do. They are coming off a bye as well. I am sure they have been doing stuff for the past two weeks, too. I look forward to seeing how they play us with Leonard back there healthy."

(On if he recognizes the margin of error for the season being very small and his approach the rest of the season) "We put ourselves in this situation. We have created this small margin of error by not winning football games, and we have put ourselves here. We know we still have a chance. We have to play really well for the whole second half of the season in order to go where we want to go. I don't think you can look at it as a whole, as eight games, we have to win eight games in a row or six out of the eight or however you want to look at it. It is one game at a time. Playing Indy is a divisional game, so it is an important one. It has to be all your effort and focus and energy on that and finding a way to win. [Coach Marrone] talked about it all week and all last week – you have to win one to get it rolling. That is all anyone is really focused on right now."

(On if this game is a must-win) "I think they are all must-wins for me from here on out. I think we have to win them all. Maybe you get lucky and lose a couple and find a way to still make it, but I think you have to win them all and for sure starting with the first one."

(On red zone struggles) "It is one of the struggles that we have had offensively throughout the year so far in the first half of the season. It is the opposite of last year. We struggled on third down and were really good in the red zone. This year we have been pretty damn good on third down and are struggling in the red zone. It is continuing to find ways to score points. Obviously, you can't turn the ball over down there. Three points is better than nothing. We have to find ways to score touchdowns."

(On receivers regaining trust with him) "I have a ton of trust in all of the guys that I throw the ball to. Whether it is an issue with drops, fumbles or whatever it may be. I know those guys are doing everything they can to make a play and make something happen. They all know what is at stake. They know how important it is to take care of the ball and how much we preach and harp on winning the turnover battle each week. I have all the trust in the world in those guys and it only continues to grow and get better through practice and doing it and showing it on Sundays during the game."

(On if he is playing for his long-term future with the franchise in the second half of the season) "Yeah. I think you always are. Playing quarterback in the NFL, it seems if you haven't won a Super Bowl you are fighting every day to keep your job. I view it like that. I have to show up and earn my keep every day and winning football games is the only way to do it."

(On the biggest challenge for him with the tight end position) "Obviously it is different because you bring ASJ [Austin Seferian-Jenkins] and he comes in and it is him, [James] O'Shaughnessy and Niles [Paul] who were our three guys. You work all offseason and OTAs and camp with them and feel comfortable and felt like we had some really good stuff for those guys and some packages and things we wanted to do with all three of them on the field. Then all three of them were hurt within a couple weeks of each other. It changes. We have had David Grinnage and Blake Bell step up and play really well. As we were just talking about building trust and more so the chemistry on the little things you do at the tight end and the routes that they run. It has been a work in progress the whole time, but I think those two guys have done a really good job."