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Blake Bortles - Wednesday, October 10, 2018

(On his emotions following the Chiefs game) "It was a bad feeling. To put the work in all week and the hours and the time and everything that you do to get ready to go out. You plan and fully expect to execute at a high level, and to not and lose the game we did sucks. To sit on the plane and watch the film with Nathaniel – we grade it and go through it as quickly as possible and make sure we make all the corrections and understand what happened and put it in the rearview mirror and move onto Dallas."

(On his intentions for the pass that hit A.J. Cann's helmet) "I was throwing it at T.J. [Yeldon's] feet. The idea in my head worked. It didn't work out in real life. I will probably throw it out of the back of the end zone next time."

(On what he must improve upon with injuries mounting and new additions to the offense) "Be consistent. I think for those new guys I can be the guy that they can ask questions to. Anything Jamaal [Charles] or Dave [Williams] needs. They just got here today. They are going through practice and what we have been doing for months now [or actually] a year and a half, they are doing for the first time. There are questions and uncertainty and all that. To be the guy they can ask questions to, to help make their lives easier and then, for the offense, just be consistent and take care of the ball like we always talk about. Find ways to move the chains, whether it is taking shots down the field or checking the ball down 25 times a game. We have to get completions and move the chains."

(On meeting and practicing with Jamaal Charles) "It was pretty cool. That is really my first experience playing with a guy like that that was playing and doing it at a high level while I was still in high school. I remember some of the unbelievable seasons when he was going off for what seems like every year for a ton of yards. To get a chance to now play with him and still see that even just being with him for a day and in nothing but helmets. You see the explosiveness, the juice, the cuts and the vision. We are excited to have him. I am fired up to watch him play."

(On dealing with the injuries along the offensive line and to the running backs) "It is obviously not ideal. I think we were pretty fortunate last year as far as staying healthy. This year we haven't been quite as lucky. It is part of football. It is part of the NFL. It happens to teams every year. It is how you handle it and how you get through this time. These next three weeks, not looking ahead or anything, but to get to the bye week are important with the amount of guys we have down. We are going to have to grind these three weeks, starting this week with Dallas, and find ways to win football games."

(On how he thinks the team will handle the injuries) "I don't think there are a whole lot of options. It is discouraging as far as you don't have the guys that you started the season with out there playing. We have confidence in the guys that are stepping in and taking those roles and responsibilities. We expect those guys that are filling in to play at the same level. I believe everyone has the confidence that we can get that done and continue to be a good football team and a good offense."

(On DeMarcus Lawrence) "He is a stud. They have some good guys. Both edge guys. 54 [LB Jaylon Smith] can play. 55 [LB Leighton Vander Esch] can play. The guys up front can. 31 [CB Byron Jones] can play. They have a good defense. Week in and week out it seems like you are playing against studs. It is the NFL. Guys get paid a ton of money to go get the quarterback and go get the football. There are going to be people that we have to account for and handle each week and this week is no different."

(On if he pays attention to the stadium that are playing in) "I don't know. I have played in most of them. Once you start it is all the same. Obviously, there are some places like Arrowhead. I think that is a cool place to play because of the history and what has gone on there. Lambeau Field. Stuff like that – older stadiums that have been there for a while and have a lot of history. Pregame it is kind of cool to go in and check out the locker room and think about some of the guys that have been in here, been in the stadium, been in this locker room or sat in this chair. Once you get rolling and dial it in to get ready to go for the game it is irrelevant where you are playing the game. At least for me it is."

(On the importance of overcoming a rough start) "I think it is huge for the exact reason you said. If you don't start hot you have to find ways to still play a good football game. That is obvious for whatever reason. I don't know where the correlation is, but you are exactly right as far as how it is going. We get off to a slow start or score three points in the first quarter or don't score in the first quarter – we have to go find a way to go score 28 points. The games where we have got rolling and scored, where we put up a 10 or 15-play drive together on the first drive, it then seems to go that way the whole game. Whatever it may be, if it is staying focused. I don't know what it is. That is the way it is going. I have to find a way to break that as far as figuring that out."

(On if they tried to find out what it is that differentiates between the fast and slow starts) "It is just a lack of execution. Here is what we did. We did it all week. We ran this exact same play last week and this is what it did and it was successful. When we run it this week, whether it doesn't work, someone makes a mistake, I missed a throw, it just doesn't work. What it all comes down to is being consistent and execution of everything we do is the biggest part of it. Everything we do on Sunday is something we have repped in practice multiple times and believe in it and believe it is going to be successful. That is why [Offensive Coordinator] Nate [Hackett] is calling it and that is why we are running it in the game. I think anytime it doesn't work is a poor decision on my part or a lack of execution anywhere."

(On if he and Offensive Coordinator Nathaniel Hackett have a conversation on scripted plays) "We talk, but we go through all the situations obviously. Third down, red zone, four-minute, two-minute [offense], all that stuff and then our openers. We script. We have an opening 15 or 16 or whatever it is. We go through, 'Here are the runs we like.' I order passes as far as, 'Here are our shots, here are our down the field [throws] and our completion plays.' I kind of rank those and then we go through it together, and that's how we come up with our scripted first 15."

(On Jermey Parnell's struggles against Kansas City and if he's shown any emotion about playing the Cowboys) "No. He hasn't, although I'm sure everybody knows he's fired up. It was tough last week, going against Dee Ford, who is extremely quick. He does a really good job of getting off the ball and jumping the snap count. I think [an offensive] tackle's kind of worst nightmare is playing a fast defensive end in an away game on a silent count. He's seeing the ball move just as you are, so it's not like you know the snap count where we kind of work it at home. That is the worst possible situation, but I have all the confidence in the world in him. He will be fine, and I'm excited to see how he does this week."

(On what Allen Hurns meant to the Jaguars wide receivers and what it will be like for the defense facing him) "He was huge. A lot of guys or some of the guys that we have here when they came in, [Allen] Hurns was the older guy in the locker room and kind of teaching them different things and was the leader in that room. Obviously, me and him came in the same year together with Marqise [Lee] and A-Rob [Allen Robinson]. He was a big part of this organization for four years. I think he definitely helped us out while he was here in many ways on the field and off the field as a mentor and leader and all of that. He was definitely a big part. I think he was missed, and I'm definitely excited and happy for him to get some money and go play elsewhere. I know we look forward to seeing him."

(On how the offensive identity has changed and if it needs to change based on injuries) "I think our offensive identity is ever-changing. I think it's versatile. I think we … I don't know what [Offensive Coordinator] Nate [Hackett] would say about this, but you always talk about wanting to find your identity and who you are. I'm sure we still are trying to do that, but I think we are pretty good at doing different things. I think we are good at getting in 11-personnel, and I think we are good at bouncing around and jumping into 22-[personnel] and doing different stuff. I think that has been a big part of our identity as far as just the versatility and mixing it up."