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Blake Bortles - Wednesday, October 3, 2018

(On if he feels like there is a lot of excitement for this game) "Yes, definitely. I think any time you get to go play a team that is 4-0 and playing the way they are playing. Obviously, everybody knows and is talking about how good they are doing and how good they are offensively. Like you said, I know our defense is juiced up and the same for us. We want to make sure we are doing a good job. They are really good on third downs, so we have to stay on the field and find a way to convert and move the chains and keep their offense off the field and score points. With the explosive offense that they have, we are going to have to put up points and play well as an offense and really as a team as a whole."

(On what makes the Chiefs so good on third downs) "They play sound football. They make you make a mistake, kind of some of their stats are a little skewed because of the situations they have been in as far as teams being behind and throwing the ball all over the field and trying to catch up to them. They have gotten some good stuff as far as turnovers and making you make mistakes. There have been a lot of penalties. Teams have gotten a lot of penalties on them on third down and really it kind of seems that teams have shot themselves in the foot and been in a lot of third-and-longs. We will have to be sharp. We will have to make sure we do not hurt ourselves. We will have to make sure we are poised and handling a hostile environment. We all know how loud it is going to be. That place will be rocking, so it will be fun and a challenge."

(On if Monday was the first time he was able to watch Patrick Mahomes) "I have seen some of the clips and stuff that he's done. He's fun to watch. He's exciting, he can make plays, he throws it all over the field, he can throw it with both hands. I think any time you see stuff like that, it's cool. He is playing extremely well. I know our defense is fired up to play against him. I'm fired up and our offense is fired up to keep them off the field. It will be a challenge, it will be a tough day, we will have to be locked in and on top of everything in order to win."

(On how you can simulate the crowd noise) "I think it's hard. We do a good job here I think of trying to just create noise. They put stuff over the speakers and turn it up, but I don't think you can simulate a place like Arrowhead [Stadium] when it's rocking. I think everybody knows that and understands that. It's going to be on another level when we are there playing. I think what has been good and started early is just stressing the communication and how important that is going to be. Relaying it inside out, making sure everybody gets it, whether it is a check or an audible, just simple calls and making sure everybody is on the same page so we don't have any mishaps."

(On what he remembers about the last time they played in Kansas City) "I remember we played pretty well and had a chance to win the game. I think we had five turnovers or something and still had a chance. I think we had 500 yards of offense, so we were actually talking about that. We have seen some of that game. We haven't watched all of it yet, but we watched a good amount of it. It was cool going back and looking at it and just the difference in … That was kind of [Offensive Coordinator] Nate [Nathaniel Hackett] jerry rigging the system as he was taking over mid-year. How far it has come as a group and as a offense, a year-and-a-half later or whatever. "

(On the growth of his relationship with Hackett from that point) "I think just at this moment it was trying to memorize plays and what we want to run against. Now, everybody has an understanding of the playbook and the concepts that we are trying to run and what we are trying to run it against and how it should look when it is run the right way. I would say that is probably the biggest difference. It is everybody knowing what each play should look like, where it should go, who should be where. I think that allows us as an offense and as a group to keep each other accountable as far as where you're at and supposed to be doing the right thing and all of that."

(On if he still communicates with Chad Henne) "I do. I talk to him probably every other week or so. Just, 'Hey, congrats on the win. Good job.' I talked to him the other day. I said, 'Hey, good win on Monday night. Let's catch up before or after the game on Sunday.' He's good. He's awesome. He is the perfect guy to be around a young quarterback, so I'm sure he's been good for [Patrick] Mahomes."

(On the tendency to run more pass plays on first down when Leonard Fournette isn't playing) "I have talked about it before. I think when Leonard is not out there, everybody understands there is just going to need to be that much more asked of you. There is going to need to be kind of that … The production that he brings is missing when he isn't there and we have to pick it up somewhere. I know T.J. [Yeldon] and Corey [Grant] take a lot of pride in that, doing it from the running back room. Me and the receivers do as well in the passing game. We know we are going to have to make up for some yards that are not there because he is missing. I think we are comfortable obviously. We want Leonard to play. We want him to be healthy and out there and helping our team, but I think we've figured out how to win without him and be successful without having a great player in him out there."

(On the emphasis on winning back-to-back games) "It's huge. It's kind of something we struggled a little bit with last year and in years past here, but Doug [Marrone] has said all season long it is a new team, it is a new year. I think this is the perfect opportunity to kind of break that mold of going up and down back-to-back weeks [of] playing good and then following it up with a poor performance. I think this is the perfect opportunity to kind of break that."

(On how aware he is of the implications of this game for future purposes) "I'm not aware of it at all. It's Week 5. It is an away game. It is an AFC opponent that is 4-0 is about the extent of my thinking towards them. Like you said, I'm sure that down the road if we both play the way we think we should that it will matter at some point, but that is a long way away and a lot of football to be played. I think we are focused in on doing everything we can to try to go up there and beat them and we will let everything just figure itself out."

(On what he remembers about Chad Henne and what Henne did for him) "Really my first three years, it was just me and Chad. I came to the bench and he went over what the looks were the previous series with me. I have learned a ton of football from him. He kind of took me in when I was 21 years old and I came here. I would go over to his house and his wife would cook for me and I would hang out with them and their two kids. We did a lot of stuff together. He was a huge part of my growing through I guess football as a professional athlete on and off the field. I owe a lot to him."