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Blake Bortles - Wednesday, September 26, 2018

(On pinpointing why the offense struggled last week) "It was a lot of things. We didn't execute and guys took their turns. It was across the board. We had some dumb penalties. I missed some throws. We missed some opportunities. We hurt ourselves. We didn't take advantage of any opportunities that we had. You watch it and it is hard to sit there and relive that, but you have to learn from it and make the corrections and put it in the past and move on quickly and know that is not us and who we want to be."

(On the batted balls at the line of scrimmage) "Three in one series is a lot. They did a good job. The first two were defensive linemen putting their hands up. The last one T.J. [Yeldon] had the linebacker who had him man and he is standing there waiting and made a good play. I have to find a way to get it around, throw it over him, throw it around him. Three in a series is a lot especially, one on a big third down when we had Keelan [Cole] wide open to move the chains."

(On similarities between the Titans and Jets defenses) "They do a good job. They are sound. They have some good guys. They have some older guys and some younger guys. They have a good mix that play really good football. We are going to have to be sharp. Be aware of a couple guys they have on their side of the ball and what they are doing and execute. That is what it comes down to. Executing our plan."

(On if the margin for error is bigger for this team this year) "Yeah, I think it is. I think we have become a good enough football team and continue to get better to where you don't ever want to think about it or say it, but we can struggle a little bit here and still find a way to win. We are a good enough football team to where we can win not on our best day. Offensively, I think we showed that in Week 1 and Week 2 was another story and then Week 3 we had a chance. The defense played well enough to win, but we couldn't find a way to score touchdowns. A lot of things went wrong for us in order for that not to happen. There are going to be days like that and you have to find ways to win.

(On beating off coverages from a defense) "Continuing to take what they give you. Not getting greedy, not forcing anything down the field. Continue to take the underneath stuff and the play action game. Take the check downs and we did. We had some shots down field that I didn't pull the trigger on and missed. You can't get greedy and start forcing stuff down field. You want to, but they are not giving you anything. You want to throw the ball down field. You want to move it, but I think playing within the system and staying comfortable and happy with getting completions and getting efficient."

(On if he has paid attention to the recent penalties revolving around roughing the passer) "No, I don't really see a whole lot of those calls. It is tough. I feel bad for defensive players. Obviously, as a quarterback, anytime they want to give you a free 15 yards I am all for that, but they have made it extremely difficult on those guys. Kind of like how Malik [Jackson] said this week, it is the rules, so you have to find a way to appease them and play within the rules. I think it is definitely a challenge for those guys to play football without getting penalized, so I don't envy those guys."

(On feeling bad for defenders) "I feel bad for our guys when we get called for a 15 yarder. Anytime we get a free 15, I will take that."

(On getting DJ Chark Jr. to bounce back by targeting him with the ball) "Yeah, definitely. Right after he had the drop on the series, I immediately went up to him and said it is no big deal. Everyone knows you are doing what you can to make a play. No one thinks you dropped a ball on purpose or did anything of that nature. I know he is upset. That speaks to his character and the kind of guy he is and football player he is and how good he wants to be and how good he can be. I have all the confidence in the world in him and I am not going to shy away from throwing him the ball because he dropped one."

(On the challenges Sam Darnold faces this week against the Jaguars secondary) "I think anytime you play our defense it is a challenge, regardless of whether it is your first year of 15th. We have a good defense. I think everyone knows that. They are going to challenge whoever they play against. I know those guys are fired up and ready to go and get after a new team and a new quarterback."

(On why the team moved inside for practice today) "I don't know. I missed that conversation. [Head Coach] Doug [Marrone] called us up at practice and said we are going to run special teams period and then we are headed inside. It did feel a little better in there."

(On if practicing inside was a welcome relief) "I think everyone is accustomed to practicing in the heat. I know for sure no one expects to go to practice and go inside. We expect to go outside. I think to be able to go inside today was good for some guys to get their legs back under them again and not have as tough of a day outside in the heat."