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Bradley on this preseason: "Really great challenges"


JACKSONVILLE – On the "Gus Bradley Show" during the eve of the preseason opener, Jaguars Head Coach Gus Bradley expects a few challenges for his team over the four-game exhibition slate.

"In this preseason, the way it's set up with games, the skill positions and threats that we have on offense and defense, really great challenges," Bradley said to co-host Jeff Lageman.

"It starts off with Pittsburgh, and their skill positions are guys that our DBs are going to face some challenges, and our D-line with the pass rush and our linebackers with underneath coverage."

Bradley also discussed the passion of Jaguars fans, noting a story from his childhood in Zumbrota, Minnesota, where Bradley grew up as a fan of the Minnesota Vikings.

"I understand the passion of our fans towards their NFL team. I can remember crying when the Vikings lost. Sitting there and my mom would say, 'all right, all right all right. It's OK.' Just feeling so bad for myself, and the team, so I get the passion that people have for their teams."

Bradley also said, as he did after practice Thursday, that he did not tell players how many snaps they would get in tonight's game.

"We don't want them, not that they would, but to even be enticed by play-counting."

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