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Can you be without both Mannings?


Last week Matt Hasselbeck returned and put up an impressive four passing TDs to go along with his 241 yards. On the opposite end we have Joe Flacco who came crashing back to Earth with his 186 yards, 2 INTs and one TD. This week we have some favorable fantasy matchups to take advantage of while other weekly starters are going to be forced to the bench. The good news is you have me here to help you navigate through the muddy waters that are known as fantasy football.

Byes: Cowboys, Colts, Dolphins, 49ers

Asterisk mark: I feel like I must say that you need to understand my sit 'em rankings. If I say to sit a player, understand that it means they will not perform to their usual level. QB1s are expected to perform as QB2s or lower; RB1 as RB2, etc.

Start 'em

##### Question of the week

Q: I've started MJD every game as my RB1 this season. It seems he's not getting the yardage everyone is hyping him up for. I have Addai on the bench and about ready for them to swap places. I'm currently floating in the middle of the Persian Gulf for the Navy so I can't watch game footage. Is MJD going to be alright or should I switch him out? (Shawne Haley, Jacksonville, FL)

A: I think MJD will be fine. Mike Sims-Walker was out this week and the Seahawks just stacked up against the run. Garrard has to have a passing threat for the running game to take off, and without Sims-Walker, he doesn't. I would still trade for MJD at this point in the season and have complete faith in him.

Addai has Brown just waiting to take his spot. Peyton will come back to earth at some point and then all of Addai's flaws will come to the surface. He isn't a great fantasy option because he doesn't get yards... which means you are banking on him scoring at least one TD every week.

I'd hold steady with MJD for the time being. If he continues to disappoint then you can make a switch, but Addai is all or nothing because of the lack of yards. I was in the Army for 8 years man, now I am a 100% disabled veteran, so I know all about following the game from a distance. Stay safe and remember, you hear a shot, duck before you ask where it came from!

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