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Cap, seats, free agents, owners and movies

Join *Jaguars Inside Report *Senior Editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Greg Russell from St. Augustine, FL:
Since there are 80 players on team rosters at the start of training camp, plus the NFL Europe exemptions, how is a team's compliance with the salary cap determined? Are just the highest 53 salaries counted or do all 80 count against the cap? Secondly, I'm curious if every team must carry the full 53-man roster once the season starts or are teams allowed to carry say 50 players in order to be under the cap? Thanks for the time you take to keep us informed on
Currently, the top 51 players' salaries, bonuses, etc., count toward the 2002 salary cap. The salaries of the remaining players on the roster do not count, but those players' bonus money or likely-to-be-earned incentives count against the '02 cap. It remains that way until the first regular-season game, when all players on the active roster and on the practice squad count against the cap. Teams are not required to carry a full 53-man roster.

Tom Hurley from Kingsland, GA:
Tom Hurley from Kingsland, GA: My wife and I sit in the top row of the club seats, just in front of Mr. Weaver's suite. I have witnessed his tears of joy and a big smile when his and our team win. But I read in the Times-Union that the new stadium plans call for a midfield set of suites. Does this mean I will not have the same seats in 2004?
You won't lose your seat; I'll lose mine. The midfield suites that are planned as part of the Alltel Stadium renovation will be constructed on the site of the current press box. The press box will be moved to an area above the north end zone.

Mike DiRenzo from Swarthmore, PA:
You've spent some time talking about bargain free agents, and/or second-tier free agents. When does the signing of these types of free agents begin? I've read that many of these guys won't get signed until after June 1, another D-Day for over-priced veterans.
There are no bargains in the first week of free agency. Bargain shopping begins in May, when it becomes apparent to those free agents who've not signed with another team that their value is less than they may have anticipated. You get the idea.

Carson Weddington from Tampa, FL:
In my observations of our owner, Wayne Weaver, it appears he is a genuine, kind, intelligent and caring person. In television, radio, internet, newspaper and other news outlets, Mr. Weaver takes a positive approach and sounds honest and sincere when responding to questions. He basically seems like a very benevolent person, which doesn't seem to be the norm for most NFL owners, especially taking into account Al Davis, Art Modell and the Glazer family. My question is: Do the owners generally get along?
With the exception of Al Davis, NFL owners are a tight-knit group who understand that what's good for the league is good for their individual teams. Former Commissioner Pete Rozelle developed that "league-think" mentality in the 1960's and '70's, and it has been credited for the NFL's explosive success and rise to popularity.

Tim McClellan from Jacksonville:
Enough about all of this football talk! We're at that point in the calendar when there's a sort of lull before draft day. We've all endured the dark times of seeing our roster slashed and gutted and we need a break. So, with that in mind, what's your favorite guy movie? I personally think "Caddyshack" ranks as one of the all-time greats, right up there with "The Godfather" (the first one) and "Goodfellas."
Yes, we are at that point when the questions and the answers become redundant. That'll change in April, when the draft comes front and center. My favorite movies are (in no particular order): The Natural, The Deer Hunter, Dr. Strangelove, The Godfather (I&II), Field of Dreams, Caddyshack, Christmas Vacation, Angels in the Outfield (original), Gettysburg and Being There.

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