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Cecil Shorts III answers questions from UK fans


When did you realize that you were good enough to make it to the NFL?
I think my sophomore year of college, my redshirt freshman year, we had a guy Pierre Garcon get drafted and that really opened my eyes up like okay if he got drafted from a division three school, maybe I can get drafted. So I put a lot of work in and then my after my redshirt junior year I was getting a lot of attention from scouts and then that's when I really realized it was a possibility.

What did you think the first time you saw a fan wearing your jersey?
Dream come true.

Does the uncertainty at quarterback make your job harder or does it not matter who throws you the ball?
It doesn't matter who throws you the ball, either way you have to make the play when the ball comes to you, you have to be in the right spot. Now we know who our quarterback is so that helps.

23 September 2012, 56 seconds left on the clock you get behind Sergio Brown, Gabbert steps back and throws. What went through your mind as that ball headed towards you?
I caught it, Blaine threw a super hard pass, he threw it right by Sergio, his back was turned to the ball and it was perfect. I caught it and I was like do not get caught and then good things happened.

Looking from afar, there seems to be a real sense of excitement in Jacksonville- is this something you pick up on as players, and can you use it to your advantage at Everbank Field?Yeah, I think as an organization we're all excited- we have a new owner, new staff, a head coach that brings so much energy every single day, new uniforms and we're going over to London this year, I think all that builds the excitement. We're just going to try to feed off of that and hopefully that can helps us prepare for the season and have a better year than before.

Do you guys know that there is a fan club in the UK for the Jaguars with thousands of members?
I've seen some stuff on twitter and I've seen some stuff on facebook, fans have tweeted and facebooked me about it and I am aware of it.
What is your song of choice to listen to pre-game to get yourself hyped up?Hanging around with Justin Forsett and the running backs, I'm always listening to slow R&B or gospel music, but game day I like Type of Way by Rich Homie Quan. I like that song a lot, it gets me feeling some type of way before the game.

What would you say to any fans of other teams who are coming to Wembley to convince them to cheer for the Jags for the day?
We're a young and up and coming team with a lot of exciting players and you should cheer for us that day.

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