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Coach Tom Coughlin on Michael Cheever and Aaron Beasley

(on Michael Cheever) ³Michael Cheever is a good, solid football player and an excellent center prospect. He¹s very quick off the ball. He¹s a very good player in space. He will have some time to come in and learn the system. We already have Dave Widell here, so we think Michael can come in and help us at a couple of different positions ‹ as a center and perhaps as a backup guard. He played a very good brand of football at Georgia Tech. He¹ll compete like heck for the job, take the time learning and be in position where he can be ready to compete down the road. The center position was an objective, though it was down a couple of notches from some others.

(on Aaron Beasley) ³He¹s a player we¹re very familiar with. Aaron led the nation in interceptions in 1994 with 10, and he had five this year. He¹s an outstanding football player with great instincts. He plays the ball very well in the air. We think he can be a combination corner and safety as well.

(on Beasley¹s speed) ³He¹s probably 4.62 or 4.63. He¹s not a blazer. But he can go inside and be a very effective safety because he does play the ball extremely well. He has very good cover skills. What we needed was the third corner, the third cover guy, and he can do that on the inside. If that works out, fine. He can play at safety depending on what the rest of the draft holds for us.

³We were really in position with that second pick (the first in the third round) to take Ray Mickens as a punt returner, but the Jets stepped up and took him right in front of us. So the quest for the punt returner continues. And, of course, we still have many other positions that we¹re trying to fill.

³In two cases, we were prepared to go for a corner, but Mayes and Mickens both went right in front of our face. We were all set to take Derrick Mayes, which is they reason we traded to get into the position we were in at No. 60 and 63, but Mayes went (to Green Bay). We did the best we could to get into position to take those players, but the players were taken right in front of our picks. We¹d like to think we can still do something about corner or receiver sometime later in the draft.

(on what he thinks of the team¹s linebackers, with Kevin Hardy, Eddie Robinson and Bryan Schwartz) ³I like that a lot. It¹s a very good mix, especially with the addition of Hardy.²

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