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Cornerback Tre Herndon - August 22nd, 2020

(On what he proved to himself becoming a starter last season and what he still has left to improve on this year) "I feel like last year was definitely a good step for me, a good stride, just getting really my first year [of] consistent game action and starting. I feel like it was good for me. I feel like definitely knowing the game, kind of feeling that game speed, tendencies, those kinds of things, I was able to take a step with. Now [I'm] just stepping on top of that, adding more with my technique, being more consistent, being more consistent in film study now that I have a year under my belt. Those are things that I'm working on in this camp."

(On his thoughts on the new defensive players, especially CB CJ Henderson, CB Josiah Scott, and CB Luq Barcoo) "I think those guys are working hard. They're trying to apply the technique that coach is teaching, and they listen, so that's a good thing. Sometimes you get rookies in that want to come in and do their own thing from college. But they're taking to teaching and trying to apply it on the field as best as they can, so I like those guys for sure."

(On his message to undrafted or late round picks such as CB Luq Barcoo and DR/KR Chris Claybrooks) "I just try to tell those guys, on and off the field, run, run, run. Just run full speed in all the drills, look at the guys ahead of you to make sure you don't make the same mistake they do. Just trying to not really focus on being perfect but high effort and just jumping in there whenever you can and getting your reps in so coach can notice that you're giving that effort and you're trying to make a name for yourself."

(On those players stepping up today with CB CJ Henderson being out of practice) "They're stepping up. They're not waiting on anybody to tell them what to do when they notice that CJ [Henderson] is out again. They want to step up [and] get their reps in so that they can get on tape and coach can teach them right and wrong."

(On taking S Andrew Wingard under his wing last year and how he has progressed since he joined them team) "He's definitely embraced his role being a special teams guy last year and then also having to step in there on game day a couple of times when we would have someone [that] may have to come out of the game. We call him 'Dewey.' I feel like Dewey has done a great job of just embracing his role. When his name is called, he's stepping up. He knows the defense. He knows the special teams stuff. He's a good guy for sure."

(On S Andrew Wingard now leading the special teams unit after being coming in as an undrafted player) "He just locked in. He understands his role and he's stepped up to the plate so he's ready to go for sure."

(On if the young secondary players and young receivers are talkative) "Honestly, as far as the corners, I can speak for the corners, the young guys are just listeners right now. They're trying to soak in anything that the older guys can teach them [and that] coach can teach them so [I] haven't really heard that much yap from the corner room. And then receivers, I feel like they're the same too. I feel like everyone's just locked in just trying to do their job, not too much talking. But as the year goes on, there will probably be when we get in the games, it'll come out game day. But right now, at camp I feel like everyone's locked in."

(On if CB Luq Barcoo has mentioned that he was the nation's leader in interceptions last year) "No he hasn't, but you can tell by his play [that] he's definitely a ball hawk. He definitely wants that ball, but he hasn't brought that up."

(On if he will see lots of growth this season after getting experience last year) "I definitely do feel that way. Like I said earlier, I think having that first year under my belt was definitely a confidence booster. I was able to feel [it] out, instead of like in my rookie year [when] I got in maybe once or twice and then the last game of the season. But getting those consistent starts, you get the feel of gameday and the game speed. I definitely feel like understanding that and then coming in my third year, second year starting, would be definitely a step for me. I feel like I'll be a lot more comfortable knowing that I've been in these situations before."

(On today's live practice) "Practice in the pros, it's kind of different, a lot of tag off, or we call it 'Wiz', or you just run by them. So, whenever we get the call from coach that we can go live, of course defensive guys get kind of excited about that, getting the pads popping. It's a little different this year with no preseason games so we definitely want to try to take those opportunities where we can work on our tackle opps [and] work on actual contact to gear up for Week 1 that we'll be going right into."

(On how the team is practicing for game-like experiences in scrimmages knowing that there are no preseason games to prepare them before Week 1) "I think its just putting guys in those live situations of today or just any hectic situation that we may have. We do situational ball, two-minute drill, those kinds of things that we would see in the game. [We] just throw guys out there so they can get as close to that game feel as we can."

(On Secondary Coach- Cornerbacks - Tim Walton's role in his success) "Walt [Coach Walton] has definitely done a great job as far as my development. I've been able to get personal relationship with Coach. I've seen him a couple of time just one on one [and] we'll talk. We just have that good connection. And then technique wise, one thing Walt does is he drills us. Like the rookies, he'll ask [them questions]. We'll just come in and he'll have a pop quiz and he wants the answer right away, like the question you guys were asking about how we can get ready for that game scenario with no preseason games. Keeping us on our toes all the time. With technique, he's drilling us hard on those kind of things [and] the playbook. Walt [is] definitely going to grind us, but I feel like it all plans out at the end of the day. Walt has definitely been a huge influence on me as far as playing and also [having a] personal relationship."

(On how aware he is of the new sanitation protocols) "Going through the locker room, really the whole facility, there's sanitation stations everywhere. I saw a new one where you just push your foot on it like a trash can and you can get sanitation on your hands. They're trying to find many ways to keep the hands sanitized. The equipment guys [have been] cleaning our shoulder pads, cleaning the helmets every time we come off the field. And then the balls, being on the field a lot of guys wear gloves and stuff, so coming off the field you definitely want to sanitize. They'll have stations coming back inside the facility. They definitely are trying the best they can to get us sanitized [and] keep us sanitized all throughout the day."

(On if his equipment smells sanitized or like a hospital after it's cleaned) "Not really hospital, but you don't have that stink. You can kind of smell that last practice stink on some of your pads sometimes, but they clean them pretty thoroughly, so they just smell like a fresh pair of pads."