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Coughlin believes McNair fumbled


The frustration mounts for Tom Coughlin, who can't seem to get a break, not even from instant replay. Sunday, in Tennessee, the Jaguars believe they were victimized by a replay system that failed to capture a fumble by Titans quarterback Steve McNair.

McNair scored the game-winning touchdown on a one-yard plunge with 44 seconds to play in the game. Coughlin challenged the play, even though replay's procedures provide for the system to be enacted inside the two-minute warnings without a coach's challenge.

"That's the reason for instant replay, to correct the improper call," Coughlin told reporters today. "I think it's clear the ball is not in his control. The ball is out. I think that's obvious. I had to take a timeout to review it. This ball was out and we had the football. The explanation was that McNair had crossed the plane (of the goal line) before the ball came out. That doesn't appear to be the case," Coughlin added.

A week earlier, Coughlin felt he was victimized by a replay system that did not overturn a "touchdown" ruling in Baltimore, because replay footage was inconclusive.

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