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Coughlin, veterans meet


The Jaguars are preparing for the season's first cold-weather game, and coach Tom Coughlin decided to begin the week by stoking the fires with a veterans-only meeting this past Monday.

"He's at the point that he's willing to listen to the players and do whatever it takes to get this team rolling again," running back Fred Taylor said of the Monday meeting between Coughlin and several of his veteran players.

Taylor declined to provide specific details of the meeting, but it was apparently an open forum for the exchange of opinions and ideas.

"He wants to understand us better. He's looking for answers. He wants to win. I want to win, too," Taylor added.

Taylor could be the answer on the field this Sunday night in Giants Stadium, where temperatures are expected to plunge into the 30's for a game that'll be played on a newly-laid turf. In the northeast in November, it's usually run-the-ball time, and in Taylor the Jaguars have the AFC's fifth-leading rusher.

"That's why we've worked so hard to stay balanced with the running game. That's the traditional formula in the north when the weather changes," Coughlin said.

"We've been a pretty effective running team all year," offensive tackle Zach Wiegert said. "I don't see why (the cold) should affect us. Usually, when you get 100-yard rushers your chance of winning gets real high."

Taylor has topped the 100-yard mark three times this season. The Jaguars are 2-1 in those games.

The coach addressed his team about the change in temperatures, from the mid-80's to the comfortable low-70's in Jacksonville. And Coughlin also provided a little taste of what the players will face in New York Sunday night.

"I told them I have great news for them. Number one, it was going to be 71 on the practice field today. Number two, it was going to be 40 degrees on Sunday night; very invigorating," Coughlin told his players.

The coach can only hope this will be a week that will produce a similarly dramatic difference in the outcome of the game. At 3-4, the Jaguars need a win to keep pace with 3-4 Tennessee and 4-3 Indianapolis, who face each other in an AFC South showdown Sunday in Indianapolis.

"I see the number of good teams that are 4-3 and it ticks me off that we are not," Coughlin said, referring to three consecutive defeats that erased the Jaguars' 3-1 start.

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