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Cursed hedgehog removed


Monday, September 29

The alarm clock sang out like a first time clarinet student. The siren got me out of bed even though my mind did not want to face the day. I was still reeling over the Texans game. To say the least I did not get my much needed beauty rest. (I need all of the help that I can get). I got out of bed and began another Monday. Things are difficult enough on Mondays but after a loss they are ten times worse. After a quick morning at home with the dogs and the wife I headed off to work. When I got there things seemed odd, nothing like I expected. The fellas were laughing and joking as we went through our lift and meetings. After some close evaluation I could tell that it was all just a mask. Everyone from the coaches to the cafeteria staff were all down. We all wanted a win worse than a chubby kid wants a cookie. The good thing was that we already had the right ingredients we just need to put them all together and do some good home cooking.

Tuesday, September 30

I got up early on my day off my stomach still full from the Monday night football tradition of eating some good ole fashion chicken wings. I decided on some coffee for breakfast. With my daily caffeine fix fulfilled I jumped on my tractor for some light yard work. The yard really didn't need to be cut but my neighbors had their landscaping crews out the day before and their manicured lawns made mine look like a rainforest. Following my chores Rebekah and I ventured out into the world. We did some light shopping and grabbed a quick dinner before heading home. When I walked in the door, I was attacked by my dogs. Their ninja like quickness, and the fact that I had been under fluorescent lights all day provided them with a clean victory. Dogs 3 - Joey Z.-2.

Wednesday, October 1

The first day of October began a full month at home, a rarity in the NFL. The team knew that for the next 31 days we would not be traveling. Three straight home games in the friendly confines of Alltel; our fans, our weather and our games to win. We began preparing for the Chargers. They being a team like ourselves were searching for a win. We knew that it was going to be a tough battle and had to ready ourselves. Following a good hard practice I began the drive home to see my lovely wife and wondering what she had lovingly made for dinner. When I got there, I was surprised by a fresh pizza from East of Chicago. Rebekah sure can cook.

Thursday, October 2

I got to work and was greeted by the smiling face of the Deuce. Young Hanson was all smiles as he handed me my coffee and directed me to the film room. There he began his breakdown of the Chargers. He was well versed on the game plan and provided me with some very insightful tips. After our quick film study we headed off for more meetings and a practice. I was told by the offensive coaches to begin looking at the goal line offense. They said I might have a chance of hitting the field as a real tight end. The thought of me out there on offense was not new. I had done it before and was looking forward to the challenge of continuing my goal line streak of five touchdowns. And who knows, I just might get the chance to catch a pass. Who am I kidding that will never happen. I am just there for looks.

Following practice I headed home to find my wife hard at work in the kitchen. She had made me one of my favorite five star dinners: Hotdogs, macaroni and cheese and ice cream for dessert. Rebekah sure knows what I like.

Friday, October 3

The traditional Friday practice was up beat. The fellas were running and gunning. Young Byron was chucking the rock and Freddy was looking quicker than ever. I mentioned to the hockey crazed assistant equipment manager Jim Sorenson that the team was looking ready for the game and he agreed. Things were looking up. We had removed the cursed Hedgehog from the locker room. (We had not won since it showed its ugly face) It seems that hedgehogs are not lucky. Besides we needed to do this one on our own without any magical hedgehog luck.

Friday night found Rebekah and I eating Philly cheese steaks for dinner. The guys at the Philly Connection were on their game. I devoured mine like a refuge and headed home for some quiet time in front of the television before bed.

Saturday, October 4

I found my way to the locker room early Saturday morning by following the intoxicating aroma of the doughnuts. As I sat there munching on a few and solving the world's problems with the eight ball, Mark Brunell and Luzilla we all agreed that game time could not come quick enough. Following a good crisp walk through I traveled home to spend the day with my dogs and wife. I needed some good down time and a nap. I knew the dogs would be up for a good mid afternoon sleep. Rebekah and I grabbed a good sushi dinner before she kissed me goodbye at the hotel and wished me luck. I told her that the only ones that needed luck on Sunday were the Chargers. We were ready.

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