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D'Anthony Smith confrence call transcript


Transcript of Jaguars second round pick DT D'Anthony Smith's conference call following his selection in the 2010 NFL Draft.

(on his reaction to being selected by the Jaguars) "First off, I was blessed to get drafted by the Jacksonville Jaguars. On top of that, I was kind of shocked when I saw the area code come across. I was like that has to be them and I was shocked that it was."

(on why he was shocked it was the Jaguars) "Just because that is a great place to play. I actually got a call from Mr. (Gene) Smith a while back. I wondered if I was going there. He called me tonight and I was like, 'Yes.' I wasn't shocked but I was feeling good about it."

(on what kind of interaction he has had with Gene Smith) "He called me a couple of weeks ago and I guess he was trying to see where my heart was in the game. I pretty much told him how I felt about it and my desire to play the game. I guess he liked what I said."

(on the knock on him for being inconsistent and Gene Smith saying it was because he played so many downs) "I'm a competitor and I look to compete every play. Some people have judgements of their own and I tried to explain that to him in the best way. I don't want to say I play a lot of plays because I feel as if I am well-conditioned to play those plays. I feel that I am a good competitor and that's people's judgement."

(his agent) "My agent is Bus Cook."

(on what he knows about the Jaguars and the defense) "From what I'm hearing it's a great defense and a great place to be. I just can't wait to get down there, get started and play with the guys and interact with my new teammates."

(on how he sees his pass rushing skills) "I feel like I am good right now but with the coaching I am getting ready to go into the next couple of days, I feel like I will only get better. I'm a competitor. I love to compete and I love to get better and better. I feel going into Jacksonville with the three-technique with my new coach (Joe Cullen), the sky is the limit."

(on how much interaction he had with Tyson Alualu at the Senior Bowl) "We were pretty much the second line of defense for the Senior Bowl and we interacted a lot because we had to learn the plays. We talked a lot."

(on if he is anxious to come in with Alualu) "Being that I already know the guy, I already have a good vibe about him. I can come in and learn with this guy just like he can learn with me. I look forward to the experience."

(on his thoughts coming to a team that drafted a defensive tackle in the first round) "It's great, healthy competition between me and him. We were competing at the Senior Bowl so I (would) love to see us get out there in Jacksonville and go after it. I look forward to it."

(on his family) "My dad is in the military and we moved around a lot but I would probably have to say Fort Polk, Louisiana is my home. I have two older brothers and a younger sister."

(on what year he started playing football) "I started playing peewee football when I was about eight years old."

(did he always play defensive line?) "I had a couple of years at tight end."

(on if he has always been a big kid) "Yes. I have had always been on the hefty side for a lot of my life."

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