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Jaguars Defensive Tackle Abry Jones: Sunday, October 11, 2020

Q. What did you sort of see from your defense today, able to sort of overcome some adversity, missing four key players, maybe five if you account for S Josh Jones?

ABRY JONES: "I just saw guys that we that finally got the chance to, young guys, to live out their NFL dreams. It's one of the biggest clichés out there in the league, when one man goes down, it's always up to the next man up. And some guys came out here and made some plays when they got their first chance to start and things like that, but we just got to bring it all together as a collective."

Q. I know you guys still gave up 30 points, but if you consider just where the defense was at heading into this week, and then you see how they played today or how you guys played today, do you think that this could be a time where momentum can start building for you guys to play better and better each week?

ABRY JONES: "Momentum can always take you pretty far and things like that, but I think as a defense we need to understand to gain the momentum we have to make the plays. That's one of the things me and the other captains on the team are trying to stress, is that we got to go out there and make those plays because momentum just doesn't happen. We can't go out there and hope for a bad call or hope for them to penalize themselves. So, I mean, we can gain the momentum. I definitely believe that. I feel like if we eliminate the explosives we'll be a whole better defense."

Q. You guys got pressure on QB Deshaun Watson an awful lot today. Do you feel satisfied you flushed him out of the pocket enough times or had enough opportunities?

ABRY JONES: "I mean, it felt good to see him get flushed and things like that, but you definitely always want to get him down or at least affect him enough where he gets off a bad throw. Ever since he's got in the league, he's been one of the best ones escaping out of the pocket. But I was happy to see the pressure we put on him. I think that's one of the things that we've been stressing inside the building where we have been pretty close, we just got to keep grinding and we're going to finally get him. I think we showed that today and that we just need to keep building. Once we start getting the sack numbers up, I think it will be a real big positive for us."

Q. From your vantage point how did DL Dawuane Smoot play today?

ABRY JONES: "He's showing up big. He's a guy that had limited reps last year and made the best of it and now he's getting back in the swing of things and he's trying his best to ball. He's showing up in pass versus run. He's always been a versatile guy like that. I'm glad to see he's starting to put up results."

Q. How does being 1-4 change the way you guys go about things now with the odds of being able to make something out of this season dwindling?

ABRY JONES: "To us, we're trying to keep a positive mindset, let it be known it's still kind of early. But we can't really hide the fact that this was a big one. It was a division one. No matter how bad the record is, we can kind of fight through the division, but it really has to be a more intense focus. I don't want to stress nobody out, go out there yelling and pointing fingers and things like that because I know how hard this game is and I know how hard our guys are trying, so really just have to talk to them, especially the young guys, and tell them the focus needs to be more. And then I have to go and talk to the vets to let them know, like, if you've been here for a couple years, we've got to step up and make those plays. When it comes down to crunch time, we're the ones that have to make plays to kind of inspire the team, inspire the defense and really just lead these guys in the right direction of where we want to go."

Q. QB Gardner Minshew II was just in here a little bit ago and it doesn't sound like he has answers for stuff that's going wrong. He said 'I don't know' a bunch of times. Is that the general feeling around the locker room, the team, you think that people just really don't have any idea why everything's going wrong the way it is?

ABRY JONES: "I don't know. Personally that's not my mindset. My mindset is, if it's wrong, the only way to go out there and fix it is to go to practice, watch film, and come out on Sunday and produce results. I mean, until you produce results they're going to continuously tell you you're not doing nothing. That's just been my experience. He was probably just talking he doesn't know. He hasn't watched the game film yet today, so I don't know if he's talking over the season or just this past game, but when it comes down to it, we just got to go out there and execute. We got to go out there, get the stops we got to make, score when we need to score and we'll be all right."

Q. Just curious, how much was it an emphasis on the run for you guys after last week and how would you evaluate the growth there?

ABRY JONES: "Well, I feel like the run's been the topic, a subject for us dating all the way back to last year. Then going into this week, based on all the Cincinnati thing, the thing that really what we tried focus on is making sure every guy's in their gap. I feel like we did a great job last week. It just happens that when he cuts it back, people aren't in the gaps where they need to be, and every man has a job. I think we see when every man does his job correctly, comes downhill and puts some pads behind himself and goes down there and make a play, we do all right."