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Del Rio on Pearman


"In the fourth round after sliding back and acquiring an additional sixth round pick, we were able to select Alvin Pearman, a running back out of Virginia. He's a guy who is very versatile. He catches the ball extremely well. He played outstanding last year for Al Groh and the Virginia Cavaliers. We think he's the kind of guy that'll come in here and make the core of our football team stronger. This guy plays special teams. He was a personal-protector on punt team. He's just a guy who's a very solid football player. Well coached. He did a lot of things for Al Groh and the Virginia football team up there in terms of running the ball, catching the ball, returning some. He's not just a returner. He's kind of a guy who has done a little bit of everything and has been very good at it. We're happy to have him. We think he's a quality guy."

(how would you characterize him?) "He does not have home run speed but he's a very good runner. He has good vision and has good instincts. He's got some make-you-miss. The one thing that will allow us to get him in the fourth round is he's not the home run speed to go with it, but he's a good football player."

(did you consider Maurice Clarett prior to the fourth round?) "We talked about where we might take him. We wouldn't take him in the first day, and he was able to go in the first day. It'll be fun to watch and see how he does. He's been so hyped and talked about. I know he played well a couple years ago. I would think he'll come in the league and if he gets his life in order and all that, I think he has a chance to be a good football player."

(do you think teams overlooked Clarett's talent and passed on him because of his past troubles?) "As you go through this process of assessing risks and determining what guys have done and what the risks are for them in the future, going forward and all that, every team has to make that determination in terms of who they want to bring in and what that might mean. Really, when you look at what's been talked about or discussed character-wise, a lot of it is not the kind of thing you just automatically reject a guy for. There are players in the league that have done worse. It's been hyped to the point that you knew whoever takes him, and obviously Denver is going to find out, but whatever team I'm sure the first day he'll have a lot of reporters there asking questions. That's part of what's going to come. But I think eventually he'll settle down and be a football player. He'll either be good enough or not."

(are you surprised Clarett was picked in the third round?) "Not really. I think his talent was a first day type talent. It's just a matter of where you thought he belonged for you."

(RBs Kay-Jay Harris and T.A. McLendon were available at this pick. Were they a consideration and why did you have Pearman rated higher?) "We don't like to get into too much in terms of specifics. We feel like this is a better fit. When you take everything into consideration, medical grades, character grades, where they're going to fit, what role we see for them here, special teams value, and kind of add it all up into what we're looking for at the back-up running back position, we think this is a better fit for us."

(will Fred Taylor participate in next weekend's mini-camp?) "No, Fred will not be participating in mini-camp. He'll be continuing his rehab much like he has been the last couple of weeks."

(why is Taylor's rehab taking so long?) "The rehab is actually going according to schedule. We don't plan on having him out there with the team until we get later in June, at the earliest."

(will Taylor be at mini-camp even though not participating?) "He'll be here. He won't be performing with the team. He'll be on the side doing drills."

(is Taylor's injury more serious than just a scope?) "What I can tell you is his rehab is doing well. We expect him to be 100% for training camp and he's continuing to rehab."

(if Taylor isn't 100% this season, can you still expect to rush the ball?) "We're going to find a way to run the ball. You look at it, would we like Ronnie Brown? Sure, but he's not available. So, everybody has a wish list but I think realistically we've been able to address some needs and we're happy with the way the draft has gone thus far, and we're looking forward to completing the day today and adding some players to help us."

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