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Del Rio speaks of resolve


Jack Del Rio didn't have to call his team out on Monday. They did it for him.

"It seemed like our flame went out in the second half. That's what I don't have an answer for," special teams star Montell Owens said.

"I just feel the energy level as a whole has to get a whole lot better," tight end Marcedes Lewis said.

To a man, the Jaguars emerged from Monday's review sessions with a collectively somber look on their faces. This was not a good day at One EverBank Field Drive and Del Rio wasn't opposed to letting the hurt sink in.

"I do want there to be a disappointment in the result yesterday," Del Rio said of the team's 42-20 loss in Kansas City. It was the Jaguars' fourth loss of the season by a 20-point or greater margin and that fact, along with the steady decline of his team's defense, is weighing heaviest on the coach.

"As coaches, we have to do a better job. We're not getting it done well enough. It hasn't come as quickly as I'd like it to," Del Rio said, referring to the defense, which remained at 30th in the league rankings, though the run-defense ranking fell from 12th to 25th.

Questioned on the talent level on defense, Del Rio said: "Yes, I believe we should be able to play better defense and I believe we will play better defense.

"It's about maximizing what we can do with what we have. I think we're capable of playing at a much higher level than we did yesterday," he added.Del Rio maintained that the problem on defense continues to be a lack of execution. Poor tackling persists as the Jaguars' number one problem. It's especially a problem in the secondary, where free safety Don Carey, who was making his first-ever start, missed making a tackle twice in the same play. It resulted in a 53-yard catch-and-run touchdown by wide receiver Dwayne Bowe that was, ultimately, the game-winning score.

On this day, however, the tackling woes spilled over into the front seven, which was gashed for 236 yards rushing. Del Rio used four plays as examples of the difference between proper execution and a lack of it. The same defensive schemes were used on plays that resulted in a 70-yard gain and a one-yard loss, and on plays that resulted in a 12-yard gain and a two-yard loss.

"Same defensive calls, just executed better," he said.

"We put too much effort into who we are about to have the effort look like that. It's simply a matter of executing at a higher level. The basic execution must be better. I know I must find a way for us to do better. I think it's more of an execution thing than an effort thing," Del Rio said.

The Jaguars got bad news about offensive tackle Eben Britton. He will miss the remainder of the season after sustaining a torn labrum in the first half of Sunday's game. Britton will undergo surgery to have the injury repaired.

"I dislocated it and I was able to pop it back in on my own. During the two-minute drill at the end of the half, it dislocated completely and I couldn't get it back in," Britton said on Monday.

Jordan Black is Britton's likely replacement.

Meanwhile, David Garrard was back at the facility and reported feeling recovered from the concussion he sustained a week ago that caused him to miss the game in Kansas City. Garrard said he felt the "cloud" pass from his head on Saturday and he expects to be medically cleared to practice after undergoing an examination on Tuesday.

"I feel good. I'm excited to be back. It's tough being home watching. It's no fun," he said.

Todd Bouman, who replaced Garrard at quarterback on Sunday, injured the ring finger on his right hand while attempting to make a tackle during an interception return late in Sunday's game.

"We think we'll be able to work through it but that's not certain," Del Rio said of Bouman's injury.

As they prepare to turn the page ahead to this Sunday's game in Dallas, the halfway point in the season and the start of the Jaguars' bye week, Del Rio was clearly speaking to the team's fans when he said: "The passion and desire I have for this football team has never been stronger. I have a resolve to get this thing turned around."

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