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Del Rio touches on several topics


Jack Del Rio told reporters on Monday that he wants a greater surge from his offensive line and more room for his running backs.

"We need to get more surge up front. We feel we're not getting enough room for our backs," Del Rio said. "We remain committed to having the football team play better football in the next nine weeks. We remain committed to our running game, which is not what we want it to be right now."

Del Rio made his remarks in his traditional day-after-the-game press conference. This day after the game was especially difficult for Del Rio because it left his team at 3-4 and in danger of falling out of the postseason race.

Asked if feels his team's back is to the wall in the playoffs race, Del Rio said: "I felt that way last week. I felt that way the week before."

Del Rio was abrupt in his press conference immediately following Sunday's heartbreaking, 23-17 loss to the Cleveland Browns, but he spent plenty of time with the media on Monday, addressing all issues.

• Special teams:

"Not a good day. Any time you have a field goal blocked and a fumble, it's not a good day," Del Rio said.

Browns defensive tackle Shaun Rogers blocked a 38-yard attempt by Josh Scobee that would've tied the game at 17-17 early in the fourth quarter. The snap from Joe Zelenka was high and that seemed to trigger a chain of negative events.

"High snap, low kick and the protection was a little soft. The high snap caused a slower get off," Del Rio said. Rogers has blocked 11 kicks in his career.

• Scobee and guard Chris Naeole:

Del Rio confirmed that Naeole broke his hand in Sunday's pregame and will likely require surgery, ending his season. Meanwhile, Scobee sustained a wrist injury on Sunday and was to undergo an MRI examination.

• Wide receiver Jerry Porter:

"When he was brought here, there were questions whether Matt Jones was ever going to be the starter we expected him to be. While (Porter's) been injured, Matt's become our top guy. If he hadn't done that, Jerry might be the guy," Del Rio said.

• Jones' possible suspension:

Who would replace Jones as the Jaguars' number one receiver, should Jones be suspended for violation of the league's code of conduct?

"That's something we'll have to address and work on. I believe Mike (Walker) is going to be back this week. Matt has earned his way to more and has become our number one. The other guys are playing a role," Del Rio said.

• Jones' near game-winning reception with one second to play in Sunday's game:

How close did Jones come to catching the ball? "As close as you can get; very close," Del Rio said. "I thought Matt Jones played very well. He's coming on. It would've been a great exclamation point to have come down with that one at the end."

• Did the Jaguars abandon the run?

"Don't look at the calls, look at the tape," Del Rio said, referring to the 42 pass attempts vs. 29 rushing attempts, seven of which were scrambles by quarterback David Garrard. "You end up gravitating toward that which you have success with. They did a good job of bottling up our run and forcing us to the air. We didn't abandon the run.

"I'm not talking about running the ball 40 times for two yards. I'm talking about running the ball well," Del Rio added.

• Eliminating mistakes, such as the offside penalty against rookie defensive end Quentin Groves, which nullified an interception by Rashean Mathis:

"What that ended up being was about 45 yards of hidden yardage. It's huge. These are the types of things you've got to eliminate," Del Rio said.

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