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Don't ask about my 75

Join Jaguars Inside Report Senior Editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

John from Jacksonville:
You have a wealth of information about football and the Jaguars. Without giving away any reporter's trade secrets, what are your primary sources for football statistics, records and general information?

Vic: People; if I don't know the answer, I call someone who does.

Vince from Jacksonville:
Garrard strikes me as another Steve McNair. Why was he dropped to third string instead of keeping him in the second spot? I believe with enough time and more games under his belt, Garrard will be great. What do you think?

Vic: Somebody had to be third. Until Byron Leftwich and David Garrard each get a true opportunity to show what they can do as regular-season starting quarterbacks, it doesn't matter who's two and who's three. They'll each get a chance to show their stuff.

Amin from New Haven, CT:
This is not a question but a response to the 0-2 question: Yes, another team has done it. The Patriots went to the Super Bowl in 1996 when they lost opening games to the Bills and the Redskins. They did it again in 2001 after losing to the Bengals and the Jets.

Vic: Thanks, Amin, but permit me to make a slight correction: In 1996, the Patriots opened by losing at Miami and at Buffalo.

Rob from St. Augustine, FL:
I thought McCree was in the future plans. I figured Craft and Fernando would play corner, Darius would leave, moving McCree to strong and leaving Mathis at free. Obviously, I'm wrong. Do we have some idea of who's playing next year?

Vic: Rob, I'm not sure who's playing this year. What's the rush?

Justin from St. Augustine, FL:
I know it's only week three and we haven't fully developed as a team, but do we have any ideas or interests in next year's draft? A certain player or position?

Vic: You're right; it's only week three. Is everything OK in St. Augustine?

Bruce from Jacksonville:
Love the column; on 9/16 someone asked you about JAX being the abbreviation for Jacksonville. I believe that comes from our airport's identifier which is JAX. Sound good?

Vic: This is such an important issue that if it isn't resolved by the end of the season people may be forced to eat the in-flight meal on the way back from Atlanta. At least, that would be my solution.

Tyler from Jacksonville:
Please answer this question. I am very curious to hear your answer. I have always believed the Jaguars would make the playoffs every year if the whole team jumped on Fred Taylor's shoulders. So here is my question: Do you think that if Taylor got at least 30 carries the Jaguars would be a lock for the playoffs?

Vic: Tyler, if Fred Taylor "got at least 30 carries" a game, he'd have no shoulders.

Jeff from JAX:
Hey, Vic, you crack me up with your humor. I sense a little different outlook on things from you. Did fighting through cancer change your thinking? Keep up the good work. We'll all need a good laugh this season.

Vic: It sure did. It added another thing to my "To Do" list: Be scared.

Christian from Jacksonville:
If I wanted my question posted, what type of question do you prefer to be asked? I've been trying to figure you out for quite some time. Every now and then you post a strange, off-topic question (such as the "football virgin" question awhile back).

Vic: Christian, I'm looking for fresh, new questions, such as: "When will Byron Leftwich become the starting quarterback?" Or, "Is there any chance the Jaguars will keep Mark Brunell as their quarterback?" I'm just so tired of people asking me about the 75 I shot this summer.

Tom from Jacksonville:
First of all, I like reading your columns and hearing you on the radio, so I hope your health situation is getting better. Secondly, what do you see as the priorities for next year's draft? I see so many holes on the roster and I don't want them to go out and blow the bank on free agency.

Vic: Thanks for the first and I share your concerns for the second. That's why I preach patience.

Bob from Omaha, NE:
I know the NFL employs the game officials. Who employs the chain gang, person running the scoreboard and the person running the clock; the home team or the NFL?

Vic: The chain gang and the clock operators are paid by the league. The clock operators are responsible for all of the pertinent game information that appears on the scoreboard, such as score, down and distance, times out remaining, etc. The people who operate the Jumbotron (the entertainment section of the scoreboard) are employed by the home team.

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