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Don't bury your head in the sand

Join senior editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Simon from Oxford, UK:
I was interested in the comment you made about fans beginning to act like some players, trash-talking or whatever. That seems to have happened here in the UK, too, with soccer; young players earning a lot of money essentially acting out acts of violence and profanity on prime-time TV. Many of them are not good role models and the ones that are get ignored most of the time.

Vic: I thought you guys were civilized. I guess you're just like us.

Ugonna from Jacksonville:
I really need you to answer this question. My wife is dragging me to Miami this weekend for some kind of weekend vacation. I need to know if the Jags game will be on TV in Miami.

Vic: Even if it is, I doubt your wife would allow you to watch it.

Damien from Jacksonville:
The Washington Post is reporting that Wayne Weaver might be interested in selling the team. Why would The Post print something like that?

Vic: I wouldn't call it a report. I'd call it an analysis and you missed the point of it. The intent wasn't to announce that Wayne Weaver might sell the team. The intent of the story was to detail the difference between the large-market teams and the small-market teams, and how difficult the current CBA makes it for small-market teams to compete with the league's large-market teams. The author's hypothesis that the rigors of small-market life could cause Wayne Weaver to sell the team is based on nothing more than opinion. I understand the story creates anxiety for Jaguars fans, but putting our heads in the sand and ignoring the challenges that go with a small-market franchise is not the answer. I read the story and I appreciate its content. I always knew the covers on those seats would create an unavoidable stigma. I said that in this column way back when it was first announced seats would be covered. Covering seats, however, was the right play. It's created the supply/demand balance Weaver needed. As it stands right now, the Jaguars are doing well. They're selling tickets and they're winning games. The league's business model has to change, however, for the Jaguars' future to be secure. That, in my opinion, was the point of the story.

Dino from Jacksonville:
The Saints are a good football team and I believe they can make it to the Super Bowl, but take a look at their schedule. They have a lot of work to do. I will be surprised if they even make the playoffs.

Vic: You gotta believe. Trust me. This is the Saints' year.

Paul from Hernon, VA:
Free agency is the way to go? Mortgage future salary caps? Where is Vic and what have you done with him?

Vic: I've turned over a new leaf. I'm a changed man. The Jaguars should've signed Bentley, Arrington and Law. Big-money signings; that's the way to go. What was wrong with T.O., huh? This is the new Vic. The old one was a dinosaur. The new Vic is cool. I think it was that music in the RCA Dome that caused this change.

Sean from Gainesville, FL:
Do you find the BCS formula as asinine as power rankings?

Vic: No, the BCS is much more asinine.

Eric from Jacksonville:
If you are not a fan of reconstructing throwing motions, why were you so big on having to rebuild Vince Young's throwing motion?

Vic: I wasn't. I said I wouldn't have drafted him. I've never been more critical of a draft pick. I said tell me in a couple of years if I'm wrong, and I will certainly admit I was wrong, but, in my opinion, the Vince Young selection is the most senseless draft choice I have ever witnessed. Why did I believe that? Because everything about Young has to be rebuilt for the pro game.

Fitz from Jacksonville:
I have a bone to pick with NFL fans that voted for this week's rookie of the week. Are they so stupid to actually vote for Jennings, who got the majority of his yards on one play, and not for Jones-Drew, who played one of the best rookie games in Jacksonville history with 244 total yards?

Vic: Greg Jennings won because his team won. That's the power of winning. Just win, baby. Stats are for losers.

Kurt from Jacksonville:
I love reading "Ask Vic" for nothing else but to see how seriously everyone takes you. The sarcasm makes me laugh every day. Thank you for the entertainment, and thank everyone who can't tell when you are being sarcastic.

Vic: I don't know what you're talkin' about.

John from Orange Park, FL:
What is vaulting on field goals?

Vic: Vaulting is the act of a defensive player stepping on the back of another player to propel himself upward for the purpose of blocking the kick. Do you remember a few years ago when the Colts won a Monday night game in Tampa because the Bucs were flagged for vaulting on a missed field goal attempt? In this case, it was a Colts defender who vaulted on Josh Scobee's miss from 24 yards. It's very clear to see on the game tape.

Corry from Wahiwa, HI:
People make a big deal of quarterback controversies, but is there such a thing as a running back controversy and, if so, do we have one?

Vic: Only one quarterback plays. That's why that position attracts controversy; because the guy a lot of people want to see play doesn't get a chance to prove he can't do it either. At running back, more than one guy plays, as was the case last Sunday when Fred Taylor and Maurice Jones-Drew shared time at the position. You go with the "hot hand." Who could argue with that?

James from Sierra Vista, AZ:
Wouldn't it be funny if the Saints did go all the way? You would have the biggest I told you so ever.

Vic: I do this little thing on the golf course. If I have a three-foot putt, for example, I walk up to the ball, put a coin behind it and then casually one-hand the ball for the hole. If it goes in, I pick up the coin. If it doesn't go in, I leave the coin where it is. It's like getting two chances to make the putt. If someone says something when I one-hand it and it goes in and I pick up the coin, I say, "Come on, it was a tap in. You should've given it to me." They never say anything if I miss. You see what I'm getting' at? Life's tough. We all need some wiggle room. Let's just have some fun, OK? It's just a game.

David from Northridge, CA:
Give up the satire. That said, I think the Saints are deserving of praise. They have improved their level of play substantially, in comparison to last year. Additionally, they are a feel good story. What's wrong with that?

Vic: Or we could all be very, very serious.

Daniel from Colorado Springs, CO:
Love (yesterday's) "Ask Vic." How about this, we get rid of the playoffs and the Super Bowl and start an NFL bowl system in which everybody can play in the postseason? What do you think?

Vic: I have no doubt fans would be all for that system.

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