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Don't pass on the big guys

Join Jaguars Inside Report Senior Editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Nate from Jacksonville:
What is the formula for awarding draft picks for free-agent losses?

Vic: It's a somewhat subjective process in which the league considers the accomplishments of that player and the size of the contract he signed before deciding on the draft compensation it will award the team that lost the player. For example, a Pro-Bowl player who's signed a big-money deal will bring higher-round compensation than a journeyman player who signed for slightly more than minimum wage.

John from Derby, CT:
I was wondering who was the last Jet player to score a touchdown in Shea Stadium in that last game there?

Vic: The game to which you are referring was played on Dec. 10, 1983. The Steelers beat the Jets, 34-7. It was the last NFL game ever played in Shea Stadium and it was also Terry Bradshaw's final game, and I was fortunate to have covered it. Bradshaw left the game after throwing touchdown passes on the Steelers' first two possessions of the game. It was the only game in which he played that season; he had undergone elbow surgery in the offseason. Anyhow, Johnny "Lam" Jones scored the Jets' final touchdown in Shea Stadium on a 27-yard pass from quarterback Pat Ryan, who had replaced starting quarterback Richard Todd.

Tony from Suwanee, GA:
I have a question about the rule that says the "ground cannot cause a fumble." What if a player was clearly in the open field headed for a touchdown and he stumbled and fell to the ground, with the impact of hitting the ground causing the fumble. Since no defensive player touched him, would this be a fumble or marked down where he fell to the ground? I have never seen this happen but I am sure it will one day.

Vic: Since the player had not been touched by another player, the play was still in progress when he impacted the ground. It's a fumble.

Mike from Pensacola, FL:
You have the best column on the net. I'm wondering, with all the hype around Jake Delhomme, how many other undrafted QBs have started in the Super Bowl?

Vic: Kurt Warner.

Kevin from Centre Hall, PA:
Great article on high-profile quarterbacks and the current quarterbacks of the Panthers and Patriots. With this in mind, how does our situation with Leftwich differ from those other examples. Is his contract structured so he will not hold us hostage in the future? Could Garrard be more of the Brady/Delhomme example? It's never offseason with you around, Vic. Great work as always.

Vic: Yes, David Garrard would be more of a Brady/Delhomme example, but Byron Leftwich's contract was responsibly negotiated and sensibly structured. His salary cap hit will not overburden the Jaguars and should allow the team to update his deal along the way. Leftwich's situation bears no resemblance to Peyton Manning's.

Michael from Mill Valley, CA:
I love your column; keep it up. Who do you feel will be the best fit for the Jaguars in the upcoming NFL draft? Please don't say the best player.

Vic: What else can I say at this point? I can't predict what teams will take what players; it's too early for that. Obviously, a wide receiver, cornerback or defensive end would be a good fit, but I don't want to rule out other positions because when you're in the top 10, you better make sure you're getting a special player. Before you focus too much on Larry Fitzgerald and Roy Williams, don't lose sight of this: There are only so many big guys in every draft, and they go quickly. If you're in the top 10 and a quality big guy is available, you better take him. I'm sorry, but my answer is, "best player available." I believe in it.

Alex from Jacksonville:
Hey, Vic, love your column. My question is since Fernando Bryant staying with the Jags is a longshot, what free-agent cornerbacks might the Jags be interested in?

Vic: First we have to know who will be available, and we can't know that until the deadline for designating "franchise" players has come and gone. For example, will Champ Bailey, Chris McAlister and Charles Woodson get tagged? What will the Patriots do with Ty Law? We need answers to those questions before we can speculate. Of course, those guys would all cost a lot of money. This year's draft is full of cornerbacks and they'll come a lot cheaper than what free agency will offer.

Brian from Norristown, PA:
Printing that letter about Hunter Smith kicking the ball out of the end zone versus falling on it at the one is a perfect example of the idiots you cater to. When the play occurred, my thought was "great play, quick thinking." It was fourth down! Please stop catering to the idiots and use your forum to challenge real football fans. But as usual, I'm sure you won't print this letter. Maybe I should tell you how great your column is.

Vic: It wouldn't hurt.

Josh from San Bernardino, CA:
Robaire Smith, Vic; I want your opinion, my man. Please tell me what you think?

Vic: Robaire Smith would certainly be worth a look.

Luis from Green Cove Springs, FL:
Vic, is it too early for fans to be looking at the draft choices? Do you agree that our Jaguars have a very good chance to pick an outstanding WR or CB as a ninth pick?

Vic: It's not too early to begin looking at the draft crop, but it is too early to focus on a player. Do it like the teams do: They arrange their value boards, then they begin fitting players to the teams who draft ahead of them. They haven't even played the Senior Bowl, yet. The scouting combine is still a month away. Everybody, chill out; stick to the fundamentals.

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