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Doug Marrone - Friday, November 15, 2019

(On the team coming back healthy after the Bye Week) "We've worked hard, both the players, everybody, to manage [to get] where we are. I think last year we learned a lot. Last year was awful, really was, when you look at it. So, like I said, it's good to be here, but again, it's week-to-week. I look at the Cincinnati game and you think you're going to come out of that game pretty good, and all of a sudden, there's a rash of injuries. So, week-to-week, you have to continue to keep doing a good job. Obviously, we're in a pretty good place right now where we are as far as health."

(On if he watched the end of the Thursday Night Football game between Cleveland and Pittsburgh) "No."

(On if he's aware of what happened at the end of the game) "Yeah."

(On if he talked to the team about the consequences of actions like the ones that occurred at the end of the Cleveland versus Pittsburgh game) "Yeah, we addressed it this morning. Absolutely."

(On if the team will have a representative at Colin Kaepernick's workout) "I don't know anything about it. I have no idea, that's scouting. You have to ask someone else to speak on that or ask me and then I can go ask them if I can say it. Really, I don't even know"

(On how QB Nick Foles has performed in practice this week) "I just want to make sure I explain it that the 21-day window that you have is really a smart and a good thing. If a guy's ready right away, that's fine, but we were able to take him from when he first came on the field and just really progress him. The other thing you look at is basically, obviously, because it's a position that communicates more than any other position on the field, you look at, 'Hey, did he just come into that?' But Nick, again, did a great job after the injury. You guys saw him, he was in the building, even though he wasn't on the field early, but he was in the building. So, he's in the locker room, he's around the players, he's supporting everyone. And then this transition, if you want to call it a transition stage, and getting into the team this week, it's very smooth. You have to remember, he's been in that huddle more times, calling plays, from when we started back in OTAs and minicamp and training camp than anyone else. So, I don't want to say it's like riding a bike, because that would be unfair, because you still have to go out there and perform, but we've done everything we can to get him ready to perform."

(On if the team will bring in a tight end if Seth DeValve cannot play on Sunday) "It's a possibility, but I don't see us [doing that]. We haven't discussed anything on the roster, roster moves or anything."