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Doug Marrone - Monday, December 10, 2018

(Opening statement) "We just got off the practice field, so it was good. Good work. Guys came to work, which is important. Obviously, we're getting ready for our last home game of this season. Even though we are obviously disappointed, it's a chance for us to really do a good job come Sunday. We're looking forward to [the game]. We had Josh Walker and Abry Jones back out on the field today. They look good. Just going ahead to put in the work this week. We went through personnel over the weekend as far as Washington. We believe that Josh Johnson will play, so we'll get on that, get a little bit more updated from their game yesterday against New York and then get ready to go out there and play at home for our last time. We're excited about playing at home. It's something that we need, and we're excited to go out there and play well."

(On if he's seen the video of Leonard Fournette's interaction with a fan during Thursday's game against the Titans) "[Director of Public Relations] Tad [Dickman] actually showed it to me prior to our walkthrough today and then when I was out on the field, after our walkthrough, I met with Leonard. He said there was a racial slur, so that's what was told to me."

(On if Leonard Fournette is facing any discipline from the team as a result of the video) "That's kind of a tough one. It's a racial slur. That's what the player tells you."

(On if anyone else backed up Fournette's account of the incident) "I just talked to the player."

(On if today is the first time he was aware of the incident) "When [Director of Public Relations] Tad [Dickman] sent it to me, that's the first time I'd even heard about it or knew about it. That was after meetings and right before walkthrough."

(On if anyone from the organization will pursue the incident any further) "No. I trust the player."

(On if the league office will be involved in investigating the situation) "I sure hope stadium security is involved, hopefully. No one wants that stuff around this game."

(On if Fournette was still frustrated by the situation) "He wasn't aware of [the video] when I spoke to him about it, the video. And then when I brought it up to him, I just told you guys what he told me."

(On if players should react in that fashion even when something like a racial slur is shouted at them from the stands) "That's hard for me to answer."

(On if he has any prior knowledge of Washington QB Josh Johnson) "No, just the little bit of what I saw on film. He can move around, extend plays, run the read-option, throws a quick game well, can really fit the ball in well. We'll probably get more information as the week goes on looking back [at their game yesterday].."

(On how Blake Bortles has handled being the backup quarterback) "He's done a nice job. Obviously, I'm sure he's disappointed, but he's worked hard in supporting Cody [Kessler] and the rest of the guys."

(On how Barry Church has handled his benching) "Same way. Trying to help the young guy. Trying to help Ronnie [Harrison] in there. That was kind of the conversation and he's been doing a good job of that."

(On the concern level with tackling Adrian Peterson given the struggles with Derrick Henry) "Same thing. Make sure we have a good tackling plan, execute it. We'll spend a little bit more time on Wednesday and Thursday working on tackling drills and fits."

(On the first time he remembers hearing about Adrian Peterson) "Probably at Oklahoma when he was playing. He's an outstanding player, an outstanding person. I met him a couple of times. He's always been really good, respectful. I've been on the sideline and watched him run. He's obviously a great player."

(On if he's satisfied with how Cody Kessler pushed the ball down the field last Thursday) "You're always going to look at some things that you wish you could have done a little bit more. I thought from the first time he played to the second time, he made a good improvement, and we're looking forward to him to make improvements again coming up this week."

(On if it becomes easier to take shots down the field more when you've been playing longer) "I think it's always tough when you get thrown in there. I think he probably can answer that question better, but I think that's probably more natural to be that way."

(On Carlos Hyde's limited snaps on Thursday night) "It's just tough when you get behind and you are trying to throw the football. We liked what we saw with him [against] Pittsburgh. We'll just keep working him."

(On if he expected to use Carlos Hyde more when the trade first took place) "Well, just because our running back was injured… when Leonard [Fournette] was injured, we wanted to bring someone in to run the football. It took a while. Obviously, you need two people to do the trade. He came in here. We wanted to get him going. I thought he did a nice job versus Pittsburgh, and after that, it's just knowing your role and what you have to do."

(On if he would have liked to have seen that trade happen earlier in the season) "I think we were looking for it when we knew that Leonard [Fournette] might be out for a little bit, not knowing [the duration]. Then, obviously with the injuries that go on, you want to make sure you have a good quality guy behind him and we feel that Carlos is that."

(On how he thinks Scott Milanovich has done as the play caller) "It's always tough. It's not like we are playing with a full hand all the time, but we have guys in there that are trying. We are trying to make plays. Schematically, when people are making plays, it looks good and when people don't, it's tough. It's a tough situation for anyone to be in, but I think he is handling it well with the players and the coaches."

(On if the biggest adjustment for Scott Milanovich is trying to adapt his system to the current system) "It's probably the same thing – what you can do from a protection standpoint, from a run-game standpoint, how far you can push the ball down the field, what's available? Each team gives you a different challenge each week, so I think those are all the challenges that you have. It is just trying to get a good feel of what the personnel is for that week, for what we have and who is going to be able to go out there and play and what the matchups are for the opposing team."

(On if he likes what he has seen from Ronnie Harrison the past few weeks) "He's a young player. He's going to go in there, he's going to have some good plays, he's going to have some plays he wants back. We feel like he's going to be a good football player for us."

(On if he got an explanation from the refs as to why there wasn't a holding call on Kessler's third and goal pass in the second quarter) "I'm not going to put myself out there to get in trouble with that. No [the refs did not give me an explanation]. They said, 'No call.'"

(On how often the team practices being on either side of a play like the Dolphins used to beat the Patriots yesterday) "Offensively, we practice it every week. Defensively, it's a little bit different. We will get into those situations with pitches and things like that and we will talk about how we want to cup the ball and get it. We will work on it, but not as often as we work on the offensive play."

(On if there is an overriding strategy on the defensive side of the ball on a play like that) "You have to be careful. You have to make sure you have the whole field covered, especially if the ball goes backwards or backwards passes and things of that nature. You have to be aware of that. We see it, obviously, every week. We run it, but our play may be a little bit different than everyone else's. It's hard to work on something when you don't know [what the opponent will run], but if a team shows something or a coordinator shows something – four or five years of that type of play – then you have the ability to go ahead and work on it."

(On what Washington does well defensively) "They play well. They are good up front. They are big, they are strong. They have a good pressure package, they are good on the outside with their corners. They have players that we are familiar with, meaning that we have seen them before. [D.J.] Swearinger is obviously a guy that we faced in this league when he was with Houston. I think they are big, they are strong, they get after you pretty good, they really do. I think last week's game [against the Giants] is not an indication of how well that defense is [playing]."

(On how impressive it is to see running backs succeed late in their career) "It is impressive because I was with a guy that led the league in rushing, the oldest guy to ever lead the league in rushing: Curtis Martin. I have said this before, publicly: The places that I have been, all the players that have played multiple years – 12 to 15 years – they are all different in their backgrounds and all different in where they came from. But I was trying to see what the common trait was for these players to be as productive as they are for so many years. It comes down to the same thing. All of the players … I can only speak for the ones I've been around like that, but they are really students of the game [and] they do an unbelievable job -- better than anyone I've ever seen -- of taking care of their bodies. Because if your body goes, that's it. For me personally, Curtis Martin, Kevin Mawae, guys like that were the best guys that I have been around that have played [for a long time] … I don't know how many years Kevin played and Curtis was obviously playing at a high level even at the end of his career. He led the league in rushing."

(On if durability has to do with luck) "That's a good question. Sometimes I think that some guys just have a body that is built to play in this league, and I do think that sometimes there are some things that are unfortunate. But I think nowadays, with the way the medical field is, it's a little bit easier to come back from some of those injuries that years ago you really couldn't come back from. There is all the science out there and all these things now that players are much more aware of taking care of their bodies more than anything else."