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Doug Marrone - Saturday, August 11, 2018

(On the news that Dante Fowler Jr. is off the PUP list and how that impacts the defensive line rotation) "I'm just happy to see him back [and] to start playing. Obviously, he has worked hard to get back, strengthening [his shoulder] and everything. We will return him to practice. He will come back out, and we will work him back in there. I am excited to see him. He's put in a lot of work and [we will] see him on the field, see what he can do."

(On if Taven Bryan's injury will keep him out for several weeks) "It is hard to feel someone else's pain. I always say that, but I just think it is something that is definitely getting better, and we feel that he will be back. Obviously, hopefully before or when we practice against Minnesota. That is what we would like."

(On the strides that WR Donte Moncrief has made over the past few weeks) "He was hurt. He was out for a while, and he came back and like any player that comes back, they kind of work themselves back in. Especially at this stage. You saw that, but I was happy to see him the other night [and to] go out there and make some plays. I think that was a good thing and we are excited to see what else is in store."

(On what he liked or didn't like about what Leon Jacobs did in the preseason opener) "I liked it. I think when you look at the tape, you look at it and you say … Sometimes in the preseason, you are mixing and matching things. You may look at a player and go, 'I do not know if he really belongs out there.' He [Jacobs] looked like he belonged. I think that this first experience for him was good. I think the one thing about young players or rookie players that you look at, is you see these jumps in the preseason, and I think the practices against Minnesota will be another test. I think you see jumps there. That is what you want to see. One, is it too big for them? Most of the players that come from big schools, 'No.' But the speed is different. You want to get them adjusted to the speed and then the game starts to slow down and you see a progression and they become better players. If not, then you are out looking for better players to replace them."

(On if the team is going full pads in their next three practices) "Today and tomorrow. Tuesday, we won't because we are traveling out [to Minnesota]. Our equipment guys won the award last year [for] the top equipment guys, so they kind of just want us to be able to pack the pads away a little bit early. We don't want to wear them down for the season. (laughter)That's a true story."

(On if the preseason is good to evaluate players in certain situations) "Yes. The goal obviously for me is that you want to win, but the other thing is that you have a set plan in your mind of guys that are playing and you have a set plan where you may look out there and say, 'I wonder why he is getting more reps.' Well, we may get someone more reps just to make sure that we're right. Either way. Either if we think the guy can play, let's put him out there and see if he can do it. If we think, 'You know what, I'm really not sure if this guy can.' Well, put him out there and let's see it. Let's put it on tape. I think that with a lot of situations we will look at different plays and different defenses and different offensive plays and different routes to see what best fits the player, so that this way, when the season comes, we can play to the strength of our players."

(On the type of player that Tyler Patmon is) "I think he has done a good job. He really has. He has played well on the outside, he has played well in nickel. He has done a good job on [special] teams. It's a matter of the consistency. He has been out there every day, which is big – availability. We will just see where it goes."

(On what he saw from Lerentee McCray against New Orleans) "I thought he flashed well. I really did. I thought he had some good rushes. He had some good penetration. He's been a good special teams player for us, but I think he added something with the pass rush. I would like to see that continue. I would like to see him just keep developing moves and game plans to do that, and I think that is something that can help us."

(On if he feels better about the backup quarterback position after Thursday's game) "You do because you don't know what to really expect in a game. You are out there in practice. For me, a lot with that position, just like the MIKE linebacker position, you want to see where there is a lot of communication; verbal communication, and there is a lot on their plate. They have to get there, they have to set the defense or call a play for the offense, they have to change the play or whatever they have to do. There is a lot going on, so for me, I am looking at demeanor. Are they relaxed? Things of that nature. I thought that Cody [Kessler] displayed that. He looked like he was having fun out there, which is good, that is a good thing. He looked relaxed, and I thought he performed well. I think it is a start, but I still think we have to keep pushing and keep him going."

(On the team not being called for a penalty relating to the new helmet rule) "It is [a good thing]. I think there were some really good, by both teams, really good clips of tackling the way we would like [to tackle]. Guys keeping their head up. I really thought that both teams played a clean game from that standpoint. We have been emphasizing it quite a bit. It is good to see that because at the end of the day, you want that player safety and we want to coach that way. We want to get certain plays out of the game, which lowering your helmet is the priority. I think it is going to make it a better game and no one is going to lose sight of how physical it can be. A great example is C.J. Reavis on the short pass coming up. Heads up, wrapped up, made the tackle. That is what we are looking for. We are not looking for him to drop his head and have that plain type of alignment where everything is lined up well, but the head is down. That is what we keep telling the players we want out [of the game]. They have responded well. They understand – they don't want to risk their career. It is good, but it is a work in progress. We are going to keep coaching it."

(On the offensive line play in the fourth quarter) "We didn't play well in the fourth quarter. I don't think we played well. I think we have to do a better job all around. Whether it is protecting, getting open; we just didn't do a good job. We turned the ball over. We can't do that and win football games. I don't think it is just one person or one group, I think collectively that group has to do a better job. I think they would tell you the same thing. I am sure they want to do a better job. They are going to have a chance in practice and be able to show us if they are able to do it."

(On looking at Rashad Greene Sr.'s muffed punt and how that affects his status on the team going forward) "We see him in practice a lot. I thought if he was coming up for the ball and we would have liked him to fair catch it. I think like you said, he is trying to make it as a punt returner and he is trying to do things a little bit different. 'Just do what we expect you to do and everything is fine.' He has done it before, meaning he has returned punts before. He has been reliable in practice. Those things obviously do occur at times and it is something where we just go forward and not let it happen again."

(On comparing Blake Bortles' first preseason game this year to last year's first preseason game) "It is better [this year]. Last year at this time, I don't know what it was. It was some type of, 'Who is the quarterback? What is going on?' I think he is playing well. It is the same thing. I think Blake would be the first one to tell you. There are a lot of things that he can improve upon and I think he is in a good place, but he still has a ways to go and that is why I think you have the preseason. You have a couple weeks here now. I think we are going to have a great challenge for us. We are playing against the number one defense in the NFL, practicing against them and then playing against them. I think that is going to be a great test for us. I think [Vikings Head] Coach [Mike] Zimmer and the defensive staff up there do an outstanding job. We will have a whole lot of challenges coming up this week. Good challenges."

(On focusing on plays the offense has done well in the preseason) "I think you have to look to see if something is not successful, and why? Is it because we don't see it well or we don't feel it the same way or whatever may be going on. From that standpoint, I think you need to evaluate and look out. If you really feel strongly about something, maybe you didn't practice it enough to go out there and preform to the level that you need it. The first week, these first couple days, we are just really installing a whole entire playbook, so we have to practice some things that maybe doesn't look as good, but we want it in there just to take a peek at it. We may need it somewhere down the road, so at least there is a little bit of recall, but at the end of the day, we want to put the players in the best position possible for them to be successful. A lot of that is determined by what they do well and how they practiced it and how they have executed it."

(On if any of the WRs caught his eye in the game against New Orleans) "I think we did a good job at distributing the ball. I don't think it went anywhere from that standpoint where we were focused on trying to get one guy plays. We just try to run the system and go through our progressions. I thought we spread the ball out pretty well. I thought that those guys did a nice job."