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Doug Marrone - Wednesday, December 12, 2018

(Opening Statement) "We have three players not practicing today. DJ Chark. Hoping to get him running this week and see where he is at. [Jermey] Parnell is pretty banged up and Leon Jacobs."

(On if Parnell were to miss time could Josh Wells fill his spot) "It could be, yes. Absolutely. Josh has come back. He has worked really hard in his rehab. My opinion, I thought he was playing well before he was injured. He looks to be ready to go. That is something we might do later in the week."

(On learning about players' love for the game) "It is obviously a tough situation and you would hope that the love for the game takes over more than anything else. You sit there and you say it is your job. It is what you have to do, but there has to be something greater than that. That is where it comes out. You love this game. You have to go out there and play this game like when you were a little kid where no one was watching and no one was around and you were just as competitive and having fun. Those are the things you go through when you have a season like we have, which has been disappointing."

(On Yannick Ngakoue loving the game) "He goes all the time. He goes hard. We have a lot of players, that go 100 miles per hour all the time. He is one of them. Practice-wise, prep-wise. He is excited. He is bouncing around. He is into everything. No issues with him at all."

(On what he sees on the practice field that gives him confidence that the offense will find their rhythm) "Cody made some good strides from week one to week two. I would like to see it continue that way. We have to do a better job up front, really all over to get the run game going. Practice-wise, you would like to see not a lot of mistakes, a lot of people honed in and them being able to go out there and perform. If you have good practices and you go out there and you have to expect to play well. We have been practicing well, but we haven't played well."

(On watching tape of Redskins starting QB Josh Johnson) "It is tough to go back that far with the system and everything, so we have it and we have seen it and gotten it. It is a challenge to try to figure out what they are going to do with him now. It is a challenge for us defensively. We have to do a good job preparing our defense for some of the schemes they have run before and some of the things they may do differently with him."

(On the rarity of time between Johnson's last throw in the league) "I would say [it is bizarre], but he played last week. It is not the first time, so you can see the tape. Now we have a full week to prepare."

(On what has to happen for the offense to move the ball consistently and score more points) "You look at one, no penalties during the drive. That would help. Two, do a good job on first and second down. Third down we have been ranked okay, except from four to six yards [to go]. Catch the ball. We lead the league in drops. Be able to catch it. I think when you can do those things and be consistent on how you play and create some big plays. You look at all scoring drives and there are one or two big plays in all of them. You have the ball on the minus-25-yard line and you see a team go down the field. Very rarely do you see four yards, three yards, four yards, three yards – all the way down the field. What you are going to see is one or two plays, whether it is the run game or the pass game of plus-18, plus-20. Something to that effect. I think if we can try to create an explosive play, which means 11 guys have to do their job, then you have better opportunities of scoring."

(On if he feels as if he is coaching for his job) "Every day. Same as last year."

(On if the position he is now feels any different than last December) "I approach every day that you are always coaching for [your job]."

(On if he relays that to his assistant coaches) "Everyone knows that. We all know that."

(On what he says to the players who may not be back next season) "That is too far down the road for me. I am just worried about today, doing the best I can for the team today. I don't even know what players aren't going to be back."

(On if it would be worse to have the type of defensive performance again as the team did against Tennessee against Washington this week because of their QB situation) "We are going to put a big emphasis on tackling over the next two days at practice. That is the one thing. You have a running back coming in here, Adrian Peterson, that has those qualities. Tough to bring down. Gets a lot of yards after contact and things of that nature. That is a challenge. We understand that. We can't tackle like we did last week against this team."

(On not letting the defense fall flat against the Redskins, given their injuries) "I go into every week with that mentality. Not being able to fall flat or not tackle or not create turnovers or pressure on the quarterback. Every week we are talking about that."

(On players wanting to put good play on tape versus trying to finish out the season as quickly as possible) "You would hope that they are smart enough for that. People tend to look at these things, whether you are a free agent or you are coming back the following year. Whatever it may be, people are going to evaluate everything. I am sure after the season everything will be evaluated and with players it is the same way. They are going to be evaluated on their performance."

(On if he would be more impressed if a player had a huge game in a December game or October game when playoffs are a possibility) "I can't speak for anyone else, but I will tell you how I look at it. If I was looking at a player on another team, I would look at the consistency throughout the season and I would be very concerned and put a red flag up if he was doing really well when the team was doing well and then at the end of the year didn't put that same type of production in. That would be a major concern."

(On the home finale) "I have talked to the team about that. It has been disappointing, and we understand that. This is our last time to play at home. Let's go out and give [our fans] a good performance. We owe it to the fans. They have been through [this season] just like we have been through this season. For us it is extremely important to go out there and play well and get a win."