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Doug Marrone - Wednesday, October 10, 2018

(On how close Will Richardson Jr. is to having a role on the offensive line) "I think we will find out this week."

(On how Will Richardson Jr. is progressing) "He had a little setback obviously during training camp with the wrist, but we've been trying to speed up that development and doing everything we can. He has to be ready to go."

(On what he is hoping for out of newly-signed RB Jamaal Charles) "T.J. [Yeldon] will be a guy that will carry the load for us, but we brought Jamaal in and Dave Williams off of Denver's practice squad. Jamaal, he looked good. He looked in shape, he looked like he was ready to go. We'll see him out on the practice field today. Dave, the same thing. A good downhill runner, he had 10 catches in the preseason. He can catch the ball out of the backfield. He's a big kid. We need some help, so we brought those guys in here. We'll just put them to work."

(On if it's helpful that Jamaal Charles has had success in the NFL before) "He has a track record, but you want to be able to make sure about his production. He looked to be the part the other day when we were working him out, so we'll see how he does today."

(On if it is a possibility that A.J. Cann or Brandon Linder could move to left tackle) "Yeah. It's still a possibility. We'll look at things during the week or we'll discuss them."

(On who the starting left tackle is today) "Josh Walker."

(On what stands out about Dak Prescott) "He's a good athlete. He can run. He has a real strong arm. He has really good command. He's real confident, real poised. He doesn't get rattled, doesn't turn the ball over. I think those are a lot of the things that make him a good quarterback."

(On if Josh Walker is the starter because Josh Wells is out) "Josh Wells will be out this week."

(On how long Josh Wells' injury will keep him out) "I don't know. I'll know more next week."

(On how good DeMarcus Lawrence is) "He's outstanding. He has power, he has speed. He's quick, has excellent counter moves. He can take over a game like a lot of those guys [can]. Their front seven is pretty stout when you look all around, but he's one player that can obviously change a game."

(On if he discusses taking more changes on defense with Todd Wash because the offense is banged up) "I think when you do that you can get yourself in trouble, too. The bigger chances that you have … We're just working on not giving up as much explosive plays like we did last week and continuing to get better."

(On if the team should have maybe had other options at running back in training camp or kept one more) "I think in the beginning we took the best 53 guys that should make the team to help us win. We've had injuries at the left tackle position, we've had injuries at running back. We just need to keep filling them up and keep going.

(On if the team hopes to build on the turnovers they got on Sunday) "It'll be very important. We 're minus seven right now [in the turnover differential]. We're 3-2, but minus-seven, which is really tough to do – to be 3-2 and be minus-seven in the turnover ratio. It's a trend that I talked about with the team today. If we don't change that, we're going to be in trouble. We have to change that."

(On the difficulty in being a run-centric team with injuries along the offensive line) "And the running backs … It's difficult. It's adversity, and it gives us a chance to show where we can improve ourselves and do a better job. No one ever feels sorry for you and we don't feel sorry for ourselves. I kind of get excited. It's a great challenge. It's a challenge to play in this league when you get to the level where you're bringing people in that are getting ready to play for you. I'm excited for those guys to have an opportunity, and I'm excited for us as coaches to see how we can use those players and the players that we have to the best of our ability."

(On if he realized during the Chiefs game how much the team was throwing the ball) "Yes, obviously like I said afterwards, that's not the way we want to play. If it's even lower than that, we might have to find a way to keep running the football. That's one of the things I said afterwards. I probably should have done a better job of that. I just felt like we were pressing and trying to make plays. I just think overall I have to do a better job of managing that."

(On if he was aware of his record after a loss and what he credits that success to) "Yes, someone told me that two weeks ago. We just try to regroup and go. We're still developing as a team the same way we were last year. We're still trying to make sure we can come back and get a good plan together, have a good week of practice. [David] Grinnage is up for the tight end position. We have the two running backs. We have the offensive line, so it's exciting to get those guys kind of caught up to speed and defensively we're still pretty healthy, so that's good."

(On if David Grinnage is the best blocking TE on the roster) "James [O'Shaughnessy] and Niles [Paul] are doing a good job. David is a little bit bigger."

(On if adding Jamaal Charles helps re-establish the team has a run-first team) "[Jamaal Charles] made the Pro Bowl four years in a row [from 2010-14 – was on IR in 2011] and he is 31 years old. We're going to wait and see what he can do. When you say identity, when you have injuries on the line and you lose two running backs out of three it's hard to keep up that identity. We have people in here now and we'll get back to work on it."

(On the uptick in offensive production this year around the NFL) "I'm not concerned with yards. Look at who [Kansas City] has, look at who the Rams have. They pretty much have everyone playing. They don't have any injuries and they have the ability to do it."

(On the challenges Ezekiel Elliot presents) "He's probably the best running back in the league. Inside runner, outside runner, great out of the backfield, great hands, great in space. There probably isn't a run that he can't do. He can run people over, he can run by them. I've seen him run over them. He has a great stiff arm. I can't say enough good things about the guy. He is a load. He is tough."

(On if Leonard Fournette or D.J. Hayden will play Sunday) "Leonard is out. Hayden is out."

(On a reporter's recorder going off in his pocket during the question) "That was weird. That was me [talking on the recorder]. Most of the people put that stuff out here [on the podium]. You keep it in your pocket? I have to be careful about him. (*Proceeds to pat reporter down)I have to check and make sure he's not recording that stuff." (laughter)

(On if the team feels like they are up against a wall right now) "I talked to the team today and I said, 'The game of football, the game itself, creates adversity. Whatever happens – which is always what I have said to you guys and is very hard to recreate during training camp or OTAs and things of that nature – when you're going through this, same thing when you are coming off a loss or you are having injuries or you are waiting for guys to get back or you are implementing new players into your team. Some people would call it adversity. Some people would call it challenges. I look at it as an opportunity to do more and to do something better. To think that we're sitting back and our backs are against the wall and things of that nature – we have the second quarter, which is a tough quarter. We opened up with a loss. We have to get back on the road to win. You like to make sure you prepare like you're backed up against a wall, but you say that every week. You always want to prepare that way: backs up against a wall, let's go to it. You only have 16 games. You have to put everything into it. You don't want to let opportunities go by. That's the one thing you look at after the season is over. You look back and even for me, Week 5, you look back and you go, 'we had an opportunity here and an opportunity there or we should have closed this up better.' I think there's always things that go on."

(On why he is confident with Niles Paul) "I think he and James are a good combination for us. They both have worked extremely hard. They both have speed, they both can catch. Both guys can play in the backfield, both guys can move outside. Those guys' roles will increase with the in-line stuff and the backfield stuff. I feel like when you have availability and players are out there quite a bit and you can see what they can and cannot do, then you have a better level of confidence. When players aren't out there and you don't know where they are, not practicing, then I think it's tough because you're rolling the dice and you don't know what you're going to get."