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Down memory lane with #28


running back Fred Taylor as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

John from Chicago, IL:
What were your thoughts a few years ago when the great Jim Brown, in response to the question, "Who is your favorite player to watch right now in the NFL?," called you "cold-blooded", and said that he and Marcus Allen agreed that "those of us who had a keen eye knew that Fred Taylor was one of the greatest running backs that (we've) seen in a long time."

I felt almost like a high school girlfriend. I was blushing and really happy. It really allowed me to know when he said that, to say screw the Pro Bowl because only what my peers think makes sense. It's not about the votes. It really meant a lot coming from someone like him.

Charley from Calvert City, KY:
Hey Fred, Vic says it's a young man's game. As a veteran, what is your response to that?

It's a young man's game because you are playing and competing year in and year out to keep your job. Donovin mentioned in his press conference, "teams are ALWAYS looking to replace you with someone younger and cheaper." And it's definitely TRUE. It's a big business and the business side makes it a young man's game. Can you imagine Vic in uniform? Starting at WR, #00. Seriously, being a veteran, you know how to approach each and every season. I don't mind it because it makes me work that much harder in the offseason, knowing I have to work to reinvent myself every offseason. In one sense I agree with Vic, but age is beauty. It's like a fine wine.

Parks from Port Orange, FL:
Could you please give us the full scoop on what goes down during those "training sessions" in South Florida? There are some who are skeptical as to whether it is really all work and no play.

Sounds like Parks is a little jealous of how close to SOUTH BEACH I'm training. What's the matter Parks, no babes at the tanning salon? Hey, you gotta play a little. You can't be so serious all the time, because eventually it'll be time for that lil' gray-haired guy to read your last will and trust. My will is going to read, "Great Guy, Great Father, Great Friend and he lived every day to the fullest." You have to play a little bit and that allows me to work that much harder. What's work without play?

Mike from Raiford, FL:
The Great Fred Taylor, I've been reading Ask Vic for years now and have wanted to know, how is Vic regarded in the lockerroom and around the league?

Vic is very much respected. He shoots you straight. He throws a bone when needed, but I love Vic. We are not going to get married or anything. He is very straight forward. When you're bad, you're bad. When you're good, you're good.

John from Vero Beach, FL:
Fred, in your opinion who are the top 5 running backs of all time? Also who was your favorite NFL player when you were a kid?

Walter Payton followed by Barry Sanders, Emmitt Smith, Jim Brown and 5a Bo Jackson and 5b Eric Dickerson. My favorite player growing up was Walter Payton.

Paul from Herndon, VA:
Is there any single play or carry from your career that is your favorite? Which one?

My favorite play was the fourth quarter touchdown run against Tampa Bay my rookie year. Reidel Anthony and I grew up together. He would score and I would score. It was just him and I doing all the scoring. They were up with two minutes left and they thought they were going to win it. Out of nowhere I took it 78 yards for the game-winning touchdown. My favorite reception was the touchdown reception against Baltimore. Rod Woodson was covering me and I was flanked outside and scored on a 78-yard touchdown reception, the longest reception in team history at the time. Of course I outran Rod Woodson. How do you like that Vic?

Stefano from Pisa, Italy:
Hi Fred. As a running back you obviously took a lot of hits. Can you tell me instead what you think is the best shot you gave to a player?

It had to be against ex-teammate and now Detroit Lion Fernando Bryant. It's a monster poster shot and shows the true definition of being posterized. He's on the ground and I'm still running. You can see his chinstrap and my hand is all inside his helmet and chin, and his face is snapped back. I'm still in stride and he is holding on for dear life. Posterized.

Cory from Gainesville, FL:
What is your favorite video game of all time?

Of course, it would have to be Miss PacMan with Madden being 1b.

Rob from Jacksonville:
What happened to the gold teeth? Did they slow you down?

When I got the gold teeth, I was going against my grandmother's wishes. I had a little spare change and I decided to get them anyway. Then when I got enough money I took them out because I love my grandmother so much. It also helps with the image. Marketability $$$$$$$$$$$$. Cha-ching.

Donny from Heathrow, FL:
Freddy-T, long-time fan from UF to the Jags! How much contact or relationship do you currently have with the Gator football program?

Not as much as I would like, but I am a faithful and loyal fan. I'm always on gatorzone and I always get letters from Coach Meyer about coming down and speaking with the guys. Having a family makes it tough to get back there much.

Rhonda from Jacksonville:
Do you think Donovin Darius should get into the Ring of Honor?

Of course, I think Donovin will. If you look at the history of the Jaguars, I understand Tony Boselli getting in. He only played six years, but he was a great player and the first pick in team history. It depends on the criteria, but look at Donovin's numbers, character, personality, work in the community and leadership on the team. If that was the criteria, he would definitely be in the Ring of Honor. Those type of players don't come around often. He has my vote.

Steve from Jacksonville:
Fred, thanks for doing this. I think it's great that you're taking respond to some questions from fans. Can we look forward to you filling in for Vic in the future?

Tell you what, Steve. This has been a lot of fun. I'll do one more of these tomorrow, then you can have that hack Ryan back on Friday.

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