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'Easy Question Day'

Join senior editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Pete from Gainesville, VA:
Who are the Jaguars' UFAs and RFAs this year?

Vic: The Jaguars players scheduled to become unrestricted free agents are Donovin Darius, Troy Edwards, Chris Fuamatu-Ma'afala, Joe Zelenka, Jason Gildon, Bob Whitfield and Derrick Ransom. Akin Ayodele and Deke Cooper would be the restricted free agents.

Rory from Jacksonville:
What are the dates for the combine, free agency and team meetings?

Vic: The scouting combine in Indianapolis is set for Feb. 23-March 1, free agency begins on March 2, and offseason conditioning may begin as early as March 1. The Jaguars will have their post-draft mini-camp on the weekend following the draft, and they will be permitted 14 additional on-field practices prior to the start of training camp.

Charlie from Neptune Beach, FL:
With the Super Bowl out of the way, can we start talking about who the Jags are going to take a serious look at in the free agency market?

Vic: Yes, but I can't accurately predict who the Jaguars will attempt to sign. I can tell you who interests me or who I think might interest the Jaguars. As we get closer to March 2, I'll hear rumblings and I'll share that information with you. As for right now, I have heard no such rumblings. It's still early. This is the first day players may be "tagged." The last day for "tagging" players is Feb. 22, and you'll see most teams wait until then before they announce their decisions. That's when free agency starts to come to a boil.

Rob from Jacksonville:
How do you feel about Terrell Owens' performance during the Super Bowl? Personally, I gained a lot of respect for him after not only coming back after such a short time, but putting up the kind of numbers he did.

Vic: That's the difference between Terrell Owens and Randy Moss. With Owens you get maximum effort. His mouth can be a distraction and a threat to team chemistry, but he's a player who has great energy for playing the game. He takes no plays off. Coaches can live with that.

Lee from St. Marys, GA:
Not to knock what the Patriots and the Eagles achieved this season, but I thought both teams played poorly in the Super Bowl. Am I the only one who feels that way?

Vic: I agree with you. In my opinion, neither team was especially sharp. Donovan McNabb was up and down. Tom Brady was brilliant when he had to be but I've seen him play much better. The Patriots' offensive line, which I criticized as being ordinary, may have played the best football of any group on both teams. How could Andy Reid watch the time tick away and not have his team in a hurry-up offense? How about that onside kick? Who couldn't have recovered that? And if Bell Belichick is such a genius, how could he get caught without a safety over the top on the Eagles' 30-yard touchdown pass that cut the Pats' lead to three points? I'm with you on this one.

Jason from Gainesville, FL:
Now that the season is over, the first question that comes to my mind is what position do the Jaguars look to fill in the draft with their first pick?

Vic: OK, let's get this out of the way early. I think the Jaguars should draft the best available player. Anyone who reads this column religiously knows that is not a dodge. I really do believe in that philosophy.

Robert from Amsterdam, The Netherlands:
What is your opinion on NFL Europe as a player development tool, and which players are the Jags likely to allocate to NFL Europe?

Vic: I don't think NFL Europe is an especially good player development tool, but it is a good venue for identifying players who are worthy of bringing to training camp, assigning to the practice squad or filling out an active roster. NFL Europe is a passing league, so it does help in identifying quarterbacks, and it has produced some top passers, such as Jake Delhomme. I think the Europe League's greatest service is in exposing the NFL to another continent of potential fans. It is building fans, such as yourself, and it's fans who make all of this work. The Jaguars have allocated to NFL Europe for the 2005 season: DB Marcell Allmond, LB Tony Gilbert, DE Omari Hand, DT Anthony Maddox, DB Ray Perryman, OL Joe Tate and TE Huey Whittaker.

Nate from Macclenny, FL:
What factors go into deciding who the home team is at the Super Bowl?

Vic: It alternates. The NFC was the home team this year; the AFC will be the home team next year.

Mark from Jacksonville:
Now that the Super Bowl is over and the coaching positions are filled, how soon can Del Rio and the other coaches dip into the free agency pool and plan for the draft?

Vic: What is this, "Easy Question Day?" March 2 is the first day teams may sign free agents. March 2 is the first day of the new league calendar year. It's the date everything begins, so to speak. It is also the day teams may begin trading players, and it's the day all teams must be under the cap, according to the guidelines established for '05 and the start of a new year.

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