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Let's get to it . . . Kirk from Section 144:
So, in his fifth year in the league, Chad Henne is barely ahead of an NFL sophomore quarterback in almost every major statistical category. That says it all. Blaine has potential upside and did improve this year after only one true offseason. Henne is not the guy long-term, but is an extremely reliable backup and has earned the contract he was given. If Blaine is still on the roster he will win the camp competition. He just has to translate it to Sunday.
John: That very well could be the case. After a quick start at midseason, Henne has struggled at times in the last four games, and there doesn't seem to be much to separate the two quarterbacks. To be fair, I'd still say Henne for the most part played better than Gabbert in a season in which neither had much help from the offensive line or from a consistent running game. Henne seemed to be ahead of Gabbert in terms of field presence, and being patient while waiting for receivers to get open, and that's a plus in his favor. Gabbert showed progress in these areas, and it will be intriguing to see if he gets the opportunity to continue improving. Head Coach Mike Mularkey and Offensive Coordinator Bob Bratkowski each said this week more would be known about the starting quarterback after the evaluation period immediately following the season, and that sounds fair. Neither separated from the other at first glance.
Aric from Orlando, FL:
How would the Chiefs get the tiebreaker with the weaker schedule? Don't you mean the stronger schedule? That makes more sense.
John: No, I don't. And no, it doesn't. The idea is to give the No. 1 draft choice to the worst team in the NFL. A 3-13 team that played a weaker schedule than another 3-13 team would under that theory be the weakest team.
Dave from Ada, OK:
Even if we get another win, I won't feel placated. In fact, I won't feel placated till we win more games than we lose.
John: That's a very reasonable stance.
Howard from Homestead, FL:
A sweep against the Titans is almost as good as a winning season in my book. Ask any member of the 1999 Jags what a win against Tennessee is worth.
John: It's not 1999 anymore, and I think most people involved with this season would take 10-6 over 3-13 with a sweep over Tennessee. I haven't asked everyone, but I think we can assume it.
Mike from Savannah, GA and Section 147:
Not a question, but perspective. The fans of Section 147 Rows Q through S lost a great fan Wednesday. A longtime Jags fan (Billie) had a heart attack right after our first touchdown on Sunday and died Wednesday evening. Makes all the ridiculous talk of Tebow, Gene Smith, Gabbert, etc., pretty meaningless in the great scheme of things. It's just a game and there are more important things to worry about!
John: Indeed there are. Thanks so much for passing this along. Our thoughts are with Billie, her friends and her family.
Forrest from Jacksonville:
I don't think an 800-yard season is that great for Blackmon when he got more than 200 in one game. That averages about 40 yards a game for the remaining 15. We should get that out of Shipley.
John: No one said Blackmon had a great season. What I've said and will continue to say is that if you look at the overall season Blackmon improved. He also showed things you wanted to see from a rookie wide receiver. Based on his body of work, you can see he has the potential to get better, and as he learns the details of route-running and getting open, it's reasonable to think he will improve accordingly. If he finishes with 800 yards this season as a rookie, that's a good start and with improvement, he can be a consistent 1,000-yard, productive receiver. That wouldn't make him a Hall of Famer, but there have been a lot of Top 10 wide receivers fare far worse. One other thing: the 200-yard game counts. It's not fair to take it away.
Blake from Jacksonville:
I don't really see the debate when it comes to whether or not we should re-sign Cox. He's close to being elite. Sure, he's hurt a little more than you would like, but it's football; guys are going to get hurt. I would re-sign him even if he was going to continue to miss games at the same pace that he has been.
John: Well, the debate is that the injuries Cox has sustained have limited him pretty significantly at times this season and last, but I agree with you that a player of his talent – and a player who has shown that when healthy he is indeed more production than potential – likely will be an offseason priority.
Daniel from Johnston, IA:
Here's a suggestion: do away with the Pro Bowl (none of the players want to play in it anyway); instead make the two worst teams in the league play one more game against each other for the first overall draft pick. I bet a lot more people would watch that.
John: I bet you're right. It would obviously never happen, but I can't argue that it wouldn't be pretty darned compelling.
Michael from Jackson, MS:
Montell Owens is the Jaguars' best back, besides MJD. Am I the only one that thinks the best players should play, and the less best should play special teams?
John: No, you are not. Mike Mularkey agrees with you and said as much this week, saying that Montell Owens likely will have a spot in the running back rotation next season even if that means cutting into his time on special teams.
Daniel from Jacksonville:
Tebow was traded by Denver after his playoff year. Sanchez and McElroy started over him. He is an unnecessary risk for Jacksonville. We need a new general manager and a new head coach and new quarterback to fight with Henne for the job. A two-win season is unacceptable.
John: There are certainly those who believe that way . . .
David from Kingsland, GA:
I just want to point out that those Jets personnel that say Tim Tebow looked terrible in practice, and therefore would not be a good NFL quarterback, are the same ones who determined Mark Sanchez "did" look good in practice and "would" make a good NFL QB. Just sayin . . .
John: . . . and a lot who believe this way . . .
Lee from Jacksonville:
I thought I was reading the O-Zone, not the Tebow-Zone. Sigh...
John: . . . and a whole lot who feel this way .
Andre from Jacksonville:
Keep posting Tebow questions, please! I'm going to make this column a drinking game where whenever I see the word "Tebow", I drink.
John: Enjoy.
Fred from Naples, FL:
Is it just me or does Justin Blackmon remind you of a rookie Fred Taylor when doing an interview? Justin seems shy and soft-spoken just like Fred was but then became a sportswriter's dream later on in his career with his honesty and charisma?
John: I don't know that Blackmon will match Taylor in that area. Being as good and as honest as Taylor for any player is rare, but I'm past the point where I judge rookies on how they deal with the media. Few are good during their first season. They have little perspective and therefore are understandably reserved in interviews. As players mature and get more experience, most improve and I imagine Blackmon will do the same.
Tony from Section 4something.:
John, I don't mean to be vague, but why or why not?
John: Because.
Ed from Jacksonville and Section 433:
The Chiefs may have an easier schedule, but they also have five Pro Bowl players to the Jaguars' none. How can they only win two games with all that talent?
John: Three of the Chiefs' five Pro Bowl selections came on defense, one was punter Dustin Colquitt and the other was running back Jamaal Charles. Aside from Charles, the offense was really, really weak – enough so to negate what was at times a very good defense.
Aaron from Orlando, FL:
I FOUND A WAY TO FIX THIS TEAM!!!!!! Trade all are draft pick for the next 2 years for Tom Brady. BOOM!!!
John: Shad Khan, hire this man!!
Chris from Jacksonville:
Peyton Manning's younger brother is a guy named Eli. What parallel universe is Anthony from Madison, WI living in?
John: Anthony was referring to Cooper, the middle Manning brother whose career as a wide receiver at Ole Miss indeed was cut short by the condition to which Anthony referred.
Joe from Orange Park, FL:
Will you guys ever make a app? I would really like to be able to easily navigate the site on my mobile. Thanks.
John: There is a app. Word is pretty soon we're going to get on that new internet thing, too.

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