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Fans need thick skin

Join senior editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Paul from Los Angeles, CA:
In your opinion, what is the definition of a "journeyman" quarterback. Please give some examples.

Vic: A "journeyman" is any player whose career has been a journey of different teams. Vinny Testaverde is a "journeyman" quarterback, having played for the Bucs, Browns, Ravens, Jets, Cowboys and Jets again. Jeff Blake is another example. Jon Kitna is now in that category. Trent Dilfer is definitely a journeyman quarterback. Drew Bledsoe is at three different teams and counting.

Casey from Colonial Beach, VA:
Your definition of a number one receiver is a guy that stands out. Does that mean that teams like the Cardinals and Colts have two number one receivers?

Vic: It means they have two players worthy of the number one distinction. Only one of those players, however, in a tight end offense, can play the "X" position, which is usually considered the number one receiver position. That's what the Jaguars need to define. They need one of their wide receivers to prove be the "X," which is the split end. The split end, of course, is on the line of scrimmage and is going to get jammed. He has to be a physical receiver who can get off the jam and have the speed to get downfield. That's what a number one receiver has to be able to do. It's not just about catches and yards. The number one receiver position is usually about having the ability to play the most demanding wide receiver position, the "X."

Paul from Jacksonville:
"The quarterback is the most important player on every team." Lord knows, the Ravens would've never won a Super Bowl without Dilfer.

Vic: Would they have won with Tony Banks?

Tony from Jacksonville:
I'm a guy that looks at the glass as half full, unless I'm the one consuming the beverage. But in this case, I see the wide receiver situation, based on your comments and my own observations, as a good developing situation. All three performed well so I believe we have three threats to oppose defenses.

Vic: I don't think there's anything wrong with that thinking. Now it's important for one of those players to prove he can play the "X" position. It's also important for one of those three players to elevate his play to the point that he demands double coverage because, if you don't get double coverage, you get an extra rusher.

Jermaine from Jacksonville:
First of all, ESPN has really ticked me off. How can they have Jacksonville rated so low? They seem to get paid every time they mention Indianapolis and New England.

Vic: If I could make one wish for Jaguars fans, it would be that they didn't have such thin skin. Why does every negative opinion cause such angst? It's all about the scoreboard. Just wait.

Lee from Ponte Vedra Beach, FL:
If you want pure NFL role models, look to Mr. and Mrs. Weaver. No one has given more and inspired their players to do the same. Mrs. Weaver's foundation is simply outstanding and many, many Jaguars commit themselves to the children of our community through her program, throughout the year.

Vic: I got a lot of questions today asking me to comment on a "Sports Illustrated" writer's negative comments on Wayne Weaver as an owner. I resist commenting on someone's comments because it can become a contagion. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. You just expressed yours.

Evan from Hull, Quebec:
How can you say this is the "Dead Zone?" This is the most exciting point of the year. Everyone will make silly predictions and you'll soon start getting questions about anxious fans afraid that the draft picks won't be signed in time. Try not to get too excited.

Vic: I love the cynicism. It's pure intellect. You've become a true veteran.

Washington from Jacksonville:
Even if right now we don't have a receiver that stands out as the clear-cut number one, I believe that collectively they will produce big this year. If Lewis emerges as the big-play tight end that we've needed, I think the offense will take a super step this year. Your thoughts?

Vic: Marcedes Lewis could be the missing link. He has distinct pass-catching abilities. As Jack Del Rio said, Lewis could become that presence in the middle of the field that opens up the outside for the team's tall wide receivers.

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