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Florida Blue joins the party


The rebirth of the Jaguars continued on Friday morning with the announcement of another corporate sponsorship deal. This one, with "Blue Cross, Blue Shield of Florida," is three years in length.

Company vice-president Mark Lee said the impetus to purchasing the naming rights to the Jaguars practice fields is to promote health and wellness in the community. Clearly, no member of the Jacksonville community has gotten healthier than the Jaguars have this week.

On the heels of Tuesday's announcement that EverBank has purchased the naming rights to what is now EverBank Field, the adjacent practice fields will now bear the name, "Florida Blue Health and Wellness Practice Fields." The players' health and wellness, so to speak, was to begin Friday morning with the start of training camp under what promised to be the hottest sun of the summer.

"We have a very strong commitment to the Jacksonville community. Our goal with the practice fields is to support the team and to focus on health and wellness," Lee said. "We want you to choose well. We want you to live well. We want you to eat right and exercise. We hope the relationship with the Jaguars will help promote health and wellness."

Jaguars owner Wayne Weaver spoke of an "exciting week" and the team's 10-year relationship with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida. Jaguars players will wear jerseys in training camp that will bear a "Florida Blue" patch on the front-left shoulder.

"We have great expectations," Weaver said of the upcoming season. "I like what's going on in the media. We're flying under the radar. This is the best chemistry we've had in 15 years."

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