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Fuel chart to replace gauge


Jaguars marketing director Macky Weaver speaks with a sense of urgency. He knows the significance of what the Jaguars are facing. The team is at a crossroads. Looking ahead, Weaver can see a smooth, straight road, but only if the team gets past the bumpy section on which it currently finds itself.

Weaver told on Tuesday that a new fuel chart will replace the offseason's fan-friendly fuel gauge. The fuel chart will appear on and Weaver hopes to update it no less than once a week. The chart will display exactly how many general bowl tickets remain to be sold for every remaining Jaguars home game.

The intent is to continue the ticket-sales transparency the Jaguars initiated in the offseason with the fuel gauge concept. It and its replacement are unprecedented in league marketing efforts.

"Just to make sure people are aware in advance where there's exposure for potential blackouts," Weaver said in announcing the appearance of the new fuel chart.

Which games offer potential for blackouts?

"Realistically, it's the final three games," Weaver said of games against Cleveland (Nov. 21), Oakland (Dec. 12) and Washington (Dec. 26).

"We just need to get those games in the next month or so in line with where all of the other games are. We're still meeting with companies trying to set up programs for their employees," he added.

"It appears there's a significant number of tickets remaining for the games after the Colts game, but the Jaguars and 'Team Teal' are working together to develop a game plan to get those five games on TV," Jaguars Chief Financial Officer Bill Prescott said.

Weaver is confident the Jaguars' next home game, against Philadelphia on Sept. 26, will be shown on local television.

"This is about where we were with Denver a couple of weeks out," Weaver said.

What would it say about Jacksonville should the Jaguars finish the season without having blacked out a game, following a year in which the Jaguars had a league-high seven games blacked out?

"I think it would make a statement that the people appreciate that the team is here and they see the merit of having an NFL team in our city," Weaver said.

Should the Jaguars make it through the season without a blackout and once the labor future of the league is secure, the Jaguars' future would be expected to brighten. The hope is that at that point the team will have improved to the point of being championship caliber.

Weaver is already starting to work on next year's ticket-sales strategy.

"We're starting right now. I have a report on my desk right now on some suggestions of how we use 'Champions Club' and 'Team Teal,'" he said. "If we can stop losing people out the back door, true growth will be true growth, not people filling seats left empty by people leaving."

The chart can be found at

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