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Gardner Minshew II - Wednesday, December 19, 2019

(On the come-from-behind victory at Oakland) "Yeah, it was awesome. I think it's kind of a testament to the guys believing in each other. I think a lot of times when that kind of stuff happens you can get down and say, 'It's not going to go our way today,' and just give up on it, but we didn't. Kept plugging, we found a way there at the end and I think there's some stuff we can take from that and help us move forward."

(On the chemistry between him and WR Chris Conley) "He's always been a guy that I trust. I was very happy for him, the ball just kind of found him. Because we trust all our guys to win one-on-one, it's not like we're really having to look one way or not look another way. We trust all our guys and just some days the ball finds them more than others."

(On why he is successful at playing in road games) "I don't know, Terry [Florida Times-Union Writer Garry Smits]. I think you get energy form the hostile environment sometimes. I think that kind of fuels me, but I don't know. I don't know what it is. It's fun."

(On if there is a reason he improves towards the end of games) "It's always kind of been like that. My fourth quarter and second half numbers have always been better. I think as you get into the game, you get a feel for what they're trying to do to you. You get a feel for what you can do, I think that helps. But, if it is a thing, we're going to take that, and address it and see – let's play good all the time and not just play good some of the time."

(On what he's looking to take away from the last two games of the season) "I think we take what we learned from this game and try to use it. See some of the things we do well and try to put that in more and see some of the things we don't do well, and address those and get better at that."

(On the challenge Atlanta will present on Sunday) "Yeah, they have some talent. Especially, I think speed is one word that really comes to mind. Those linebackers especially, they're super fast. A couple of the guys off the edge and No. 97 [Grady Jarrett] in the middle, those guys are very active, very fast. They can absolutely present problems, so it's going to be a fun challenge to play against."

(On if there was a play that stood out to him in the second half at Oakland that served as a turning point) "I don't know. I think that's hard to say. We just started moving the ball. The first three quarters it felt like it was really hard, and then it felt like it kind of just opened up and we were just able to find completions, [and] guys were able to get open and it just worked."

(On if he saw the same blitz package on the game winning TD pass to Conley that he saw on the previous play) "Yeah, and they had had a sack on it earlier in the game. So we kind of had a better idea after that sack of what we kind of wanted down there and what they were going to try to do to us in those situations. At the end of the day, Chris [Conley] won one-on-one and made a great play. That was huge."

(On how it felt to be more efficient in the red zone in Week 15 at Oakland) "I don't care, we won. That's what feels good. I haven't looked back and looked at the red zone numbers. Whatever we have to do win, that's all that matters."

(On if he was informed of team-issued fines by teammates after getting drafted to Jacksonville) "A little bit. I kind of play it straight by the book for most of it because I don't like giving away my money, so I'm not going to do anything to push it. But I think you learn as you go."

(On if there was a reaction in the locker room to the statement issued by the NFLPA) "Yeah, I heard a little of it. I'm not 100 percent sure what all is going on, so I can't say anything."

(On if he still feels like a rookie while on the football field) "It feels like it's been a long, long season, especially if you add those preseason games. Looking back to where I was, I know I know a lot more than I did, but looking ahead, I know there's a lot more that I don't know. So, I still have a long, long ways to go as far as that goes."

(On what message Atlanta beating San Francisco in Week 15 sends) "There's not bad teams. Even the teams with bad records have players that – there's a reason these guys are where they are. There's a reason they're in the NFL. It's because they're really, really good. So, any week somebody could show up and beat anybody."

(On if he expects the same effort shown in Week 15 to be present during the last two games of the year) "Absolutely. It doesn't matter [the] record, it doesn't matter playoff implications, whatever. I think when you step out there, you're not thinking about that. You're thinking about how can I beat this guy across from me? And I think we have a lot of guys that think like that in our room, and it's a lot of fun working with guys like that."

(On the importance of remaining focused but having a life outside of the facility) "When you're here and when you're working, you need to be working. But I think also it's important to be able to step away and get a break from it a little bit. Especially you're in week, whatever it is right now, it's a long year and I think it's important to kind of have your life in balance."